ETF2L Highlander Season 12 High Grand Final: CRAZYGRILLS Clan vs kiti s bakenbardami @ 20:15 CET

Date May 13, 2017


The Grand Final of the High division is upon us!

Tonight the somewhat unexpected clash between European CRAZYBWAII Clan and Russia kiti s bakenbardami will leave us with a brand new team joining the ranks as winners of High!

In this matchup, two players by many regarded as the best Snipers in High will have all eyes turned towards them. Both UnitedKingdom counou and Russia levi have earned much fandom throughout Season 12, the two topping the charts on the Australian hitman. Can Norway Yxxo‘s team of boys manage to restrict the lethal enemy Sniper? Or will Russia Pahan‘s strict leadership prevail?

Join Papa Carlos AKA Spain CeeJaey and the man with the voice Denmark Beater in the BlackOut TV cast with Netherlands Wiethoofd behind the camera at 20:15 CEST to find out!

Match Overview
Russia kiti s bakenbardami vs European CRAZYBWAII Clan
Grand Finals
Date Saturday, May 13th 20:15 CEST



2 - 3



3 - 2 (golden cap)



1 - 2 (golden cap)

Russia kiti s bakenbardami [3:6] European CRAZYBWAII Clan

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  1. Yxxo: TSM - pizza said:

    GO GO GO