Season 27: Preseason Premiership Playoffs

Date May 12, 2017


Of the teams that did not get relegated from Season 26 only UnitedKingdom Se7en, European Arctic Foxes, France Top5rocket, and European Politically correct pander have kept their rosters intact. This means there are four open spots in the Premiership. Which teams will fill those spots is to be determined by the preseason playoffs. In total 12 teams will be competing in an almost double elimination system which can be seen here or in the competitions tab.

For the teams seeding recent match results as well as previous team accomplishments were taken into account.

The playoffs will be double elimination except for the first round, losers of the first round will not go to the lower bracket they will be knocked out. Each game will be a best of three maps using equal seeded map elimination.

Default Dates

Upper Bracket Round 1: 14.05 21:15
Upper Bracket Round 2: 16.05 21:15
Upper Bracket Round 3: 18.05 21:15 – Winners advance to Prem

Lower Bracket Round 1: 18.05 21:15
Lower Bracket Round 2: 21.05 21:15 – Winners advance to Prem

Scheduling Area

UB Round 3 and LB Round 1 can only be played on the 17th if the involved teams have finished their UB Round 2 matches.

Same with the UB Round 2 matches only being playable on the 15th in the case the teams have finished their UB Round 1 matches.

In the case a team wants to go outside of their scheduling range or are having any sort of issues feel free to contact an admin.

Upper Bracket Round 1: 13.05. – 15.05.
Upper Bracket Round 2: 15.05. – 17.05.
Upper Bracket Round 3: 17.05. – 19.05.

Lower Bracket Round 1: 17.05. – 19.05.
Lower Bracket Round 2: 20.05. – 21.05.


  1. Ombrack: FAINT said:

    Many quality teams, these qualifiers look really promising, can’t wait !

  2. catbowcar said:

    out of the 12 teams will only 2 advance to prem?

  3. Jan: (League Admin) - |FV| said:

    4 will advance. “This means there are four open spots in the Premiership.”

  4. Sprite: Da Bauss said:


  5. Bloodis: (Head Admin) - :-) - hlpugs said:

    If the Challonge page for the double elimination looks confusing due to first round not having lower bracket, here’s an image to show when does the double elimination stage itself start. Can keep it up to date if wanted.

  6. Divine: (ETF2L Donator) - geezer - MUUMIT said:

    Bloodis in prem NotLikeThis

  7. zeFrosty: ︻芫═一☺ said:

    Ora Elektro to slam!!!!

  8. Permzilla: (Legend) - WiK? said:

    Nice, 12 teams in playoffs yet again. Don’t know how many times this needs to happen before admins realise that having this many teams and this many games screws teams over and forces teams to play with mercy or not at all.

    You could easily narrow this list down to 6 or 7 (still too much imo but understandable) and it would avoid all this mess. Yes I’m annoyed because it’s directly affecting my team but I complain about this every season. We cannot play every day with our roster and I’m sure there are plenty of the 12 teams in a similar position.

    Just need the admins to put some high teams in high and deal with the shit they get from it. Thus is ridiculous now.

    Just my opinion.

  9. Aoshi: (Head Admin) - m a s o n said:

    We ask the teams to have the days free for the preseason playoffs as the scheduling is always an uncertainty without proper details of which teams are participating. The teams on the list aren’t all the signups, the teams without proper reasoning/results were already cut out. Teams that sent in explanation emails/scrim results or teams with good scrim results are all on the list.

    In the case we want less days then we instantly have to remove 4 teams which mainly consist of teams that dont have a lot of scrim results that are still high pontential teams for the prem positions like your own team.

  10. Funs: SVIFT - S-O said:

    I agree with Perm in that, quite clearly, some of these teams are definitely not Premiership. Seems really pointless having this many teams in playoffs when a good number of them are quite clearly don’t have a chance.
    Not to sound like a dick but surely even these teams agree?

  11. rodentslayer2332: POOTISTAN said:

    Why does everyone want to play prem? It doesn’t seems fun

  12. Aoshi: (Head Admin) - m a s o n said:

    We could also make the bracket harsher though. I’ll look into it more tonight and see what’s the best option.

  13. Silver Tosspot: ni6 - (°)> said:

    as a player on one of the worse qualifiers teams, I agree that this is pretty silly

  14. sheepy dog's hand: (cute asian schoolgirl) - bad said:

    I agree with perm, we should remove Beached Whales and put them in high. There is already enough washed up in these playoffs.

  15. Aoshi: (Head Admin) - m a s o n said:

    We’re not changing the bracket or amount of teams. I did end up adding a clarification for the scheduling ranges. In the case there are any issues with the scheduling feel free to contact an admin and we’ll look at helping you out.

  16. ballzy: (ETF2L Donator) - officer - -Xe- said:

    My guess as to why there are so many teams in this playoff is because they all applied for prem and had recent results that prove that they could manage to beat two or three of the other teams.

    With this many spots in prem I imagine that the two options are to either have a huge playoff like this or seed it from the previous season, in either case washed up players who aren’t as keen and involved in the scene lose out.

  17. Lupus: ヤクザ said:

    this shit didn’t happen with the old div system…

  18. Aoshi: (Head Admin) - m a s o n said:

    9/12 teams are new and or project teams. Even with the old division system this wouldn’t have worked.

  19. Fuxx: PrettyGay - SDCS! said:

    Why does it matter if the admins take precautions lmao. How many times have there been surprises and upsets in the prem pre-season playoffs? How many teams would’ve gone to the wrong divs if admins didn’t follow these systems? Get your heads out of your asses and stop giving so much importance to what amounts to basically a couple of “forced scrim” games. If your idea of teams that deserve to be in Prem is right then there is nothing to worry about.

    Now what we can do is make bets over which teams are likely to drop if they go high. Any takers?