Entries from May 2017

Season 27 Premiership Week 2: Lowpander vs BazookaSports

Date May 31, 2017

Written by Smin In Week 2 of ETF2L S27, take on on Badlands and Reckoner. have had a shaky start to the season, giving an unexpected default win to unexpected due to some unexpected internal issues. However, they seem to have their issues sorted out, and will be trying to redeem themselves this week. (+ […]

The Fresh Meat Challenge sponsored by Scrap.tf and MarketPlace.tf: Grand Final – Louis van Gaal’s Academy vs Time Bandits

Date May 29, 2017

It has been two months since the announcement of Fresh Meat Challenge and tonight on teamfortresstv at 21:10 CEST we will see which team proves to contain the best upcoming talents, as the winners of this entire competition aimed for the newest faces, the freshest of all meats.

Season 27 Premiership Week 1: Arctic Foxes vs Se7en

Date May 25, 2017

The Sun’s outside your window, the Mice and Keyboards are clicking and raring to go. ETF2L Premiership is back with a bang with a rematch of last seasons Grand Final right off the bat. Last seasons runners-up face off against current Champions in a fixture which may well echo this seasons Grand-Final perhaps. While the […]

Highlander Season 12: Award Polls

Date May 23, 2017

One week has passed, but we still cannot really believe it: has been dethroned! Before we wrap up the season for good, there are a couple more things to do, though… For instance find out who you think performed best on his/her respective role! In other words… it is awards time! The Premiership players have decided who […]

Season 27 Premiership Preseason Playoffs Lower Bracket Final: unexpected vs. ★★★½

Date May 21, 2017

It’s the last chance saloon for two aspiring Premiership teams tonight as face off against on teamfortresstv in one of the Lower Bracket Finals of the Qualifiers. Also and will be fighting in their own last chance for a place among Europe’s elite (this match will not be casted on teamfortress.tv at the time of […]