Fresh Meat Challenge Groups Out! And updated rules!

Date April 11, 2017


The groups for the Fresh Meat Challenge sponsored by and are now out! The groups can be seen here, along with the fixtures here. The fixtures themselves will be generated tonight (11/04/2017) at midnight. Once the fixtures are generated team leaders will receive an email informing them of the date, time and opponent of the fixture, this information is also available on your team profile. Your team leader should add the leader of your opponent’s team to allow easy communication regarding servers, mercs, and other issues. For a more in depth guide on how ETF2L matches work click here.

Make sure you set your teams availability if you want to be able to influence what day your fixtures will be played on. This can be set by team leaders here by clicking Edit Availability for your team. When the fixtures are being generated our system will look at both teams preferred days and times and choose a date that is the best for both teams, this date can be changed if both teams agree.

Teams are free to play on International servers and negotiate times that suit each other however non-EU teams should take note that as this is primarily a European League, teams from Europe will not be forced to play matches on servers outside of Western Europe or at times outside of common European playtimes (19 to 21 CEST) – Unless they agree to do this.

We have checked through every team roster and removed any players that were over experienced, if you have any questions about why a player was removed or anything else do with the competition please contact us on our Support Channel.

Updated rules

We have also updated some rules on our General Rules page, the updated rules are listed below here:

2.2 Only players with correctly entered Steam IDs are eligible

All players need to be registered on ETF2L, with their SteamID linked to their profile. Using a player not registered on ETF2L will result in the match being defaulted in the opponents’ favour.

A player that’s not verified on a team’s roster by the official match start time as listed on the match page (listed as unverified on the roster, or not on the roster at all) count as merc. Players are verified after being rostered for 24 hours. Competition specific rules apply.

4.5 Maps need to be played in the set order

Maps are required to be played in the order as they are mentioned on the match page from left to right. Teams may play already set season/cup maps in a different order if they choose to, but only if both teams agree to it.

6.7 Masking ping is not allowed

It is prohibited to alter or mask your ingame ping. Players found manipulating their ping may be punished by a minor warning in any competition where this is used.

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  1. Kona-chan: -[PL]- said:

    Since when was this a thing?

  2. MoistPenguin: TC said:

    since march 18th

  3. gemm: SWAG!!!!! said:

    What’s the change in 2.2? Is it a clarification for when a player needs to be verified for?

  4. Bloodis: (Head Admin) - (´・ω・`) - Leila+8 said:

    @gemm, you’re correct about the clarification, it’s just updated to be more specific. There is no major difference with the rule to how it was like in the past.

  5. kKaltUu: R6S - Leila+8 said:

    Will this be posted on tftv or any other TF2 news site?

  6. Thehunter926: MAW said:

    So it says overexperienced players were removed, however, the team we just went up against have been together for a long time with multiple seasons under their belt. These guys have a lot of real comp experience, but they still fit with the rules. I’m not tying to start a fuss, but my team can’t help but be upset, as these people kinda destroy the purpose of the “Fresh Meat” Challenge. Why exactly is this allowed? It’s just really unfair and aggrivating for those of us who this competition was, well…. designed for lol

  7. Thehunter926: MAW said:

    Or should I just take that to the support channel lol

  8. Jan: (League Admin) - |FV| said:

    @Thehunter926: There’s probably multiple teams that fit experience criteria and are playing together for a long time but there’s simply no way to make the rules that everyone will be happy with.
    The good thing with swiss system is that next week you’ll play against another team that also lost their week 1 game which should make for a more balanced match.

  9. Thehunter926: MAW said:

    @Jan: Sounds good, and sorry if I seem whiny lol