Season 26 Preseason Cup – Fixtures Released

Date January 8, 2017


The fixtures for the Season 26 Preseason Cup are now released and can be seen here along with the groups.

The knockout stage trees can be seen under the competition tab.

In the Premiership and High groups all 4 teams will advance to playoffs with the Semi Finals taking place on Monday 9th at 21:00 with the finals on Tuesday the 10th at 21:00.

For Mid and Open the top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs. Mid will have the Quarter Finals take place at 19:00 on Monday 9th with the Semi Finals following at 21:00. The finals will then be scheduled at 21:00 on Tuesday the 10th.
Open will have the first knockout round take place on Monday 9th at 19:00 with Quarter Finals at 21:00, then the Semi Finals will take place at 19:00 on Tuesday the 10th with the Finals being played at 21:00.

Reminder that the knockout games are to be played on koth_bagel, cp_edifice with cp_warmfront as the decider.

The Winners, second, and third place teams will all receive pixel trophies on their profile.

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