Sunday Double Bill Highlander Season 11 @ 21:00 CET: Strong Opinions vs. SDCK & XDCK vs. Chessclub

Date December 18, 2016


Double bill guys! Twice the action for the same evening of fun! On BlackOut TV 1 join UnitedStates sigafoo & Denmark Beater with Netherlands Wiethoofd on the camera for a battle between the premiership titan European Strong Opinions against everyone’s favourite Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN!. Right now the standings are almost set in stone with European Strong Opinions way out in front with an impossible to catch lead while Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! have a chance to move from 4th in a safe playoff spot to a higher position going into the coming playoffs in the new year. Who will win? Tune in at 21:00 CET to find out!

Meanwhile on BlackOut TV 2 another fight breaks out between the little brother Latvia Super Dickmann's JUNIORS! and veterans France Tourettes Frenchclub. In terms of our playoff standings this game unfortunately won’t change much but that doesn’t mean either side is going to back down for nothing, this is TF2 after all! Who will win? Tune in at 21:00 CET with European jakeowaty, Germany DCS & England Jon to find out!

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