Entries from December 2015

Sunday 3rd – Round 1: Highpander vs. The Experiment – Highlander Season 9 Premiership Playoffs!

Date December 31, 2015

BlackOut TV – Sunday 3rd 21 CET / 3PM EST  –  vs. Time for the real highlander to begin with the start of the Season 9 Premiership playoffs! Join ,  &  for our first two contenders, the 3rd place squad of  facing down on , our 4th place team. Throughout the season have only dropped 2 points; […]

ETF2L & UGC Highlander Showmatch: December 27th

Date December 26, 2015

eXtv & evlTV in association with BlackOut TV present: The Mapmakers’ Showcase #1 Teams: ETF2L’s  vs UGC’s Dunning-Kruger Effect Sunday, December 27th, 2015 1:00pm EST / 19:00 CET   Casters: Mario and CeeJaey with Dashner on twitch.tv/evltv Maps: Fubar’s cp_vanguard_rc5 and Fubar & BobbleBobbler’s pl_barnblitz_pro7 (maybe their koth_product_r8 too) This is the first time these versions of Vanguard and […]

Highlander Season 9 playoffs powered by marketplace.tf!

Date December 21, 2015

*Edit* We changed around the matches a bit due to a initial miscalculation with the Sonneborn-Berger Score. The current ones are correct and will stay. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Welcome everyone to the conclusion of the 9th season of ETF2L Highlander. We hope you enjoyed the matches, and for […]

Monday 21st: Fair Enough vs. Highpander – Week 7 ETF2L Season 9 powered by marketplace.tf!

Date December 20, 2015

BlackOut TV – Monday 21st 21 CET / 3PM EST  –  vs. The final match before playoffs of Highlander Season 9 is here! Join ,  &  LIVE on BlackOut TV for  vs.  in their Week 7 official! This match will determine who will take that 4th place spot heading into playoffs in January! Can clutch at least 1 […]

Thursday 17th: Double Cast – Week 7 ETF2L Season 9 powered by marketplace.tf!

Date December 16, 2015

BlackOut TV 1 – 21 CET / 3PM EST  –  vs. Double double! Week 7 is here and we’ve got 3 matches left before the playoffs, lets get going! On BlackOut TV 1, join  &  for the biggest game of the week,  against . 6 points to means no relegation and dropping  right into a playoff […]