Season 21 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Playoffs, Tiebreaker Score & Medigun Update!

Date July 12, 2015


High Tier Playoffs

For the High Tier we have decided to go with 6 teams this time.


  1. Zimbabwe Hello Kitteh Ninjas!
    • 35 Pts.
  2. France top5rocket
    • 32 Pts.
  3. European Animate
    • 31 Pts.
  4. Israel Foreskings
    • 30 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 15.13
  5. UnitedKingdom TwistedPlay
    • 30 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 14.13
  6. CzechRepublic Chimpanz Instinct
    • 28 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 17.81
  7. Austria Gamsjaga eSports
    • 28 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 9.39


Quarter Final 1: European Animate vs  CzechRepublic Chimpanz Instinct – Tuesday, July 14th

Quarter Final 2:Israel Foreskings vs UnitedKingdom TwistedPlay – Wednesday, July 15th

Zimbabwe Hello Kitteh Ninjas! and France top5rocket will join the playoffs once these Quarter Finals have finished.

Mid Tier Playoffs

For the Mid Tier we have decided to once again go with 8 teams. This time and for the future this will be a straight up single elimination 8 team knock out playoff.


  1. Finland HELP HELPERS
    • 37 Pts.
  2. European Strykers
    • 34 Pts.
  3. European Twenty-Seven
    • 32 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 18.31
  4. European Sprinkler Kids
    • 32 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 18.11
  5. CzechRepublic street debils
    • 30 Pts.
  6. France
    • 29 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 18.74
  7. UnitedKingdom fm-eSports
    • 29 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 14.19
  8. Romania OMNI5 EU basketball team
    • 28 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 15.06
  9. Latvia International Oral Sex
    • 28 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 12.86
  10. Russia Psychology Help Center
    • 28 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 11.80


Quarter Finals 1: Finland HELP HELPERS vs  Romania OMNI5 EU basketball team – Monday, July 13th

Quarter Finals 2: European Sprinkler Kids vs  CzechRepublic street debils – Tuesday, July 14th

Quarter Finals 3: European Strykers vs  UnitedKingdom fm-eSports – Tuesday, July 14th

Quarter Finals 4: European Twenty-Seven vs  France – Wednesday, July 15th

Open Tier Playoffs

For the Open Tier we are sticking to what we have begun in Season 20. 16 teams in a single elimination knock out playoffs.


  1. European Peril Puppies
    • 39 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 28.92
  2. Finland Kansanelakelaitos
    • 39 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 25.50
  3. European Systematic Chaos
    • 36 Pts.
  4. European blue
    • 35 Pts.
  5. Portugal Bullet!Club
    • 33 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 20.88
  6. Russia котята (ノ◕◡◕)ノ*:・゚✧
    • 33 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 20.33
  7. European 6 man salt
    • 32 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 19.60
  8. Russia candy sticks
    • 32 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 18.78
  9. France The Broken Gitans
    • 32 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 18.12
  10. European Monkey-Gamers
    • 32 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 17.14
  11. Ukraine Per aspera ad astra
    • 32 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 15.22
  12. European Digital Athletes
    • 31 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 18.48
  13. CzechRepublic exitus
    • 31 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 16.81
  14. Portugal No Diggity
    • 30 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 23.50
  15. International Barmatuhi reborn
    • 30 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 16.67
  16. Greece High Flyers
    • 30 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 16.64
  17. European
    • 30 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 14.42
  18. UnitedArabEmirates eXtremists.
    • 30 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 13.10
  19. Taiwan 100% SUN BEARS
    • 30 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 11.88
  20. European No Effort Gaming
    • 30 Pts. Tiebreaker Score: 0.00


Ro16.1: European Peril Puppies vs  Greece High Flyers – Tuesday, July 14th

Ro16.2: Russia candy sticks vs  France The Broken Gitans – Tuesday, July 14th

Ro16.3: European blue vs  CzechRepublic exitus – Tuesday, July 14th

Ro16.4: Portugal Bullet!Club vs  European Digital Athletes – Tuesday, July 14th

Ro16.5: Finland Kansanelakelaitos vs  International Barmatuhi reborn – Tuesday, July 14th

Ro16.6: European 6 man salt vs  European Monkey-Gamers – Wednesday, July 15th

Ro16.7: European Systematic Chaos vs  Portugal No Diggity – Tuesday, July 14th

Ro16.8: Russia котята (ノ◕◡◕)ノ*:・゚✧ vs  Ukraine Per aspera ad astra – Tuesday, July 14th

Tiebreaker Score Calculation

We’ve decided to release the formula by which we are breaking ties so it will not be this dubious number everyone complains about, while nobody actually knows how to calculate it or where we are getting it from. We are currently looking at implementing this into the tables so you can see the score heading towards the end of the season without waiting until admins confirm whether you have a good enough tiebreaker score.

Previously for Season 20 we were using the Sonneborn-Berger Score, however we have come to realise this is not a good representation of what we want to achieve – an accurate value that can compare the difficulty of opponents faced throughout the season. We have modified this system ourselves to suit ETF2L’s specific needs compared to Chess (which is what the Sonneborn-Berger score is intended for).

  1. For each match, calculate the ratio of points the team earned compared to the maximum, and multiply this by the opponent’s total score in the competition. Use only scores and opponents from “valid” matches  (matches that were not default wins and were not against dropped opponents).
  2. Calculate the sum of all scores calculated via the above method.
  3. Divide the sum by the number of “valid” matches played.

Here is an example from the Season 21 tiebreakers for UnitedKingdom fm-eSports

  • Week 1 vs Colombia Колумбийские наркобароны: 3-3 (3/6 * 20 = 10)
  • Week 2 vs Romania OMNI5 EU basketball team: 3-3 (3/6 * 28 = 14)
  • Week 3 vs Finland ripsquad: 3-3 (3/6 * 15 = 7.5)
  • Week 4 vs International Reverse Offence: Default Win
  • Week 5 vs European Fakin Ritar eSports: 6-0 (6/6 * 19 = 19)
  • Week 6 vs CzechRepublic Ohnive Prdele: 6-0 (6/6 * 24 = 24)
  • Week 7 vs European Twenty-Seven 2-4 (2/6 * 32 = 10.66)

Total score: 10+14+7.5+19+24+10.66 = 85.166..

Divided by the total valid matches played: 85.166/6 = 14.19

14.19 is their tiebreaker score, which is an indication of both the difficulty of opponents, and their performances against them.

Medigun Update

With the recent patch is it now possible to pick up other players weapons. Clearly this has a huge impact on the game, particularly when it comes to ubers. Thus we have decided to prohibit picking up dropped weapons for the remainder of Season 21. This includes all weapons. We will reconsider the changes post season for the upcoming Seasons and Cups.

If you think that your opponent has picked up a weapon, please contact an admin on IRC. The punishments may range depending on the severity of the rule break and based on admin discretion.


  1. b_fisch: Muss Los said:

    that moment when your team gets cut out of open playoffs bcuz sonneborn berger thingy,i feel like rogue now :^(

  2. sorsa: mooz said:

    I thought the tiebreakers were decided by round difference.

  3. fraac: JOHN - CENATION said:

    i feel bad for perm’s ocd, 6/32 must make his skin itch

  4. Pete_: TESCO said:

    how rude

  5. Meeto said:

    Clearly this has a huge impact on the game, particularly when it comes to ubers. Thus we have decided to prohibit picking up other players weapons for the remainder of Season 21.

    How the hell do you expect to effectively monitor this?

  6. asadawarf: #ΣDM - (°)> said:

    Sonneborn Berger Score
    S̰͉̩̳͉̥o̞̭ͅn̙̥͙̭͇n̪̝̻̻͔͇͔͞e͇̤̩͍̟̖̱b̭̰͉͈̥̘͖o̖̺̰̘̖̪r͜ǹ͉ ̘B͓̥͢e̼̭̰͍̮͔͘r̫̗̩̣̹g̴̟̯͓̯e̗r͈̠̻̖ͅ S̮̞̭̬c͚̗͎̖̻o̵̤̺̩̪r̴̳̫̙e͚̭̯̣͙͔͕͡
    So̶͋̃ͦ̚n͋̓̇̃͊͐̊͜n̽̕y͋̓͜B̑͛͆͌ͧl͑̍a̸̅̇̚cͤͥk͞ ̸̇̾̀̈ͦͬ͊J̨̿ͣ̃e̔̋̾ͧͮ̅̈́r̓̆̌̈k̅ͩͭ̓̊͌eͭ̓ͮ̊̈̚r̒͒ ̾ͧ̓̊͡S̿̊ͣ̇̽̉͠cͪ̒͒̉̾͛́̚o̅̀ͦ̉̕rê͛̈́̉ͯͫͮ̀
    SonnyBlack Jerker Score

    corrupt league shit admins i’m out

  7. Meeto said:

    What a bait and switch.

  8. Permzilla: (Legend) - LANTURTLE - WiK? said:


    It’s based solely on player reports. It works exactly the same way as any class limit breaks (ie not enforced by the server).

  9. nole: BWB said:

    hehe get fucked by sonneborn berger q:^)

  10. JMaxchill: kmtl. said:

    If you’re going to prevent weapon drops, wouldn’t it make sense to add the command preventing weapons from being dropped to the config (although I haven’t been able to find the command for that despite the rumours)?

  11. Tenshi said:

    It’s really funny how gamsjaga even got 28 points. Not only did they get 6 free points, but they also only had easy opponents.

  12. Jan: (League Admin) - |FV| said:


    Command is “tf_dropped_weapon_lifetime 0”, however it’s marked as cheat, so you’ll need SM running on your server to change it: “sm_cvar tf_dropped_weapon_lifetime 0”

    Rogue will never forget that Berger guy. :D

  13. Scissors: (ETF2L Donator) said:

    can’t believe pete’s team made top 7 tbh, tf2 is truly dead…

  14. JMaxchill: kmtl. said:


    Would that work if executed in the ETF2L config, or does that not have the necessary permissions?

  15. repu said:

    buhu my team wasnt good enough to make playoffs now imma bitch about the system

  16. Homer J.: \V/ Gold - CGAY&BB said:

    “prohibit picking up other players weapons”

    im fine, i still may pick up my own medi gun then after i dropped the uber

  17. Homer J.: \V/ Gold - CGAY&BB said:

    damn sonny fixed it :X

  18. Permzilla: (Legend) - LANTURTLE - WiK? said:


    We don’t enforce Sourcemod in the config.

  19. Jan: (League Admin) - |FV| said:


    Like Permzilla said, it wouldn’t work. It also wouldn’t work on servers rented on, as you need “cvar” flag to change server cvars. And even if you are donator and enable SOAP, you still don’t have access to SM functionallities. So it would only work on your own properly configured server.


    Is playing matches with that cvar changed allowed?

  20. ducky: [HA] said:

    If you’re worried about “accidently” picking up weapons just unbind your action key for the duration of the official.

    It’s the most simple solution really.

  21. Pete_: TESCO said:

    It’s really funny how tenshi is salty that Austria > Germany in high. Und weida Piefke

  22. Meeto said:


    Dw, I’m not too bothered. It was just a little surprising considering the table’s. Maybe table positions could be altered based on Sonneborn as well? Unlike Rogue, I can admit my team wasn’t good enough this season to get into playoffs.

  23. Permzilla: (Legend) - LANTURTLE - WiK? said:

    @ Meeto

    From the newspost:

    “We are currently looking at implementing this into the tables so you can see the score heading towards the end of the season without waiting until admins confirm whether you have a good enough tiebreaker score.”

  24. Meeto said:

    My bad, I should have read it better.

  25. Mirelin: XYUCAC said:

    I don’t get whose idea was it to prohibit the weapon picking. If you play your cards well it will benefit only you and your team. This innovation was amazing and added tremendous amount of fun.

    Feeling very sad. Yet I am glad that I play only pickups where weapon picking is allowed :D

  26. Selek: Dr. med. said:

    I’m sure there will be a rule update for next season, Mirelin. Possibly huge changes like this are never a good idea during a season, though. It’s like newly released unlocks.