Season 18 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Epsilon eSports vs Fenneks eSports

Date June 12, 2014

Season 18 powered by Tt eSPORTS

Tonight you can sit back and grab your snacks with Norway E-thug, and Portugal Ducky on camera as they bring you two longest named teams in TF2 history, European Epsilon eSports by Fragnet Networks and European Fenneks eSports by in the first Premiership Week 5 cast! Rather unsurprisingly European Epsilon eSports by Fragnet Networks have been successfully winning all their matches so far except for a small slip up when European Lazy Pandas came in and took a point away from them, seems no-one told them they couldn’t! However tonight’s match could also be rather deciding for European Fenneks eSports by considering last week’s crushing defeat from European Awsomniac and the risk that European rockit could ‘rocket’ up into the playoff boundaries after their match tonight against European Lazy Pandas knocking them out into 5th. Who will win? Tune in from 21.15 CEST to find out!

Match Overview
European Epsilon eSports by Fragnet Networks vs European Fenneks eSports by
Week 5 (Premiership Division )
Date Thursday, June 12th 21:15 CEST



5 - 3



3 - 0

European Epsilon eSports by Fragnet Networks [6:0] European Fenneks eSports by

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  1. Admirable: rockit like - -st- said:

    Incredible wordplay!

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