Entries from May 2014

Announcing Experimental Highlander Cup #5 – Signups OPEN!

Date May 30, 2014

Experimental Highlander Cup #5 Highlander Experimental Cup #5 features three largely untested maps, koth_fuel_a4, cp_intermodal_rc3a and pl_rust_b7. The Cup will be held on one night – Thursday June 5th with the final of each bracket played by Thursday June 12th. We invite Fun Teams  and Highlander teams of all skill levels to sign up! Teams will be grouped into brackets of similar […]

Highlander Season 6 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Awards

Date May 29, 2014

Highlander Season 6 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Awards For only the second time ever, the Highlander Season has Awards. Players participating in the Premiership Division this season were asked for nominations in various categories. Now you have the chance to vote for the best players this season! The categories and nominees for the respective categories are as […]

Season 18 powered by Tt eSPORTS: GGWP.pro vs Lazy Pandas

Date May 29, 2014

Join , and  on TeamFortress.TV for the first, confirmed fixture of ETF2L Season 18 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Week 3 and the season debut of Turbine! Tonight we see  pitched against . Over the past 2 weeks of matches, have only ascertained a total of 2 points from a lucky golden cap loss against .  on […]

Season 18 powered by Tt eSPORTS: rockit vs BFF

Date May 27, 2014

Tonight two Premiership teams,  and  will be facing each other in a fierce battle on Granary and Gullywash, drawing a late finishing line for this season’s week 1. After a scheduling rollercoaster tonight’s gonna be the night to watch. Both teams have played one game in this season so far, each team picking up a few […]

Thursday Night: Fair Enough vs PremTech, 4-25 vs Fenneks eSports & Lazy Pandas vs BFF

Date May 22, 2014

Highlander Season 6 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Relegation Playoff – Fair Enough vs PremTech Three matches, three great casts. What more could you want? We have the final match of Highlander Season 6 with and on BlackOut TV. For you 6v6 lovers we have against on TeamFortress.TV with a simultaneous cast by VanillaTV of and . Who will […]