Entries from January 2014

One Night Cup: Sunshine – That’s a wrap!

Date January 31, 2014

Wrapping up The Sunshine Cup has been a great success. We received 57 signups, which is quite a good number for a mid-season cup. The cup night itself progressed smoothly without any major hickups or delays. Feedback Obviously, the goal of this cup was to gather feedback about cp_sunshine. Let us know how you experienced […]

Season 17 powered by Tt eSports Premiership: AYOGURL vs Evokate

Date January 30, 2014

Season 17 Premiership – Week 1: Ayo Gurl Sugadaddy Hood Pussy Creepers vs Evokate Gaming The match has been wildcard due to a few internet issues, sorry gang! The first match in this season’s premiership is tonight when face . The teams met in the TF.TV Invitational Cup, with coming ahead 3-1 on Viaduct. Can […]

One Night Cup: Sunshine – Brackets!

Date January 29, 2014

Brackets are live! We have received a total of 57 signups, a reasonable number for a mid-season cup. This means we will have three brackets, and nine teams that didn’t make it in (but be available anyway – see below!). For a complete overview about the rules and setup of this cup, please visit the […]

Highlander Season 5: Award Polls

Date January 26, 2014

Highlander Season 5 : Awards The little brother of 6v6 has grown up this season, and that trend doesn’t stop there; we are now giving out Awards for Highlander. Players participating in the Premiership Division this season were asked for nominations in various categories. Now you have the chance to vote for the best players […]

TeamFortress.TV ZOWIE Invitational #2

Date January 25, 2014

Tomorrow you will get your first glimpse of the 8 Premiership teams competing against each other in the TeamFortress.TV ZOWIE Invitational #2! If you are still unaware of what this event is, check out this article by for all the information you could need (and some you don’t). The cup will be played in the […]