Some Whitelist Changes and Staff Updates

Date November 28, 2013

Whitelist changes

New versions of the whitelists have gone live just now. This includes 6v6, Highlander, BBall and Ultiduo.

The changes include banning of noisemakers and other misc. items that do not necessarily add value to gameplay. The thought behind it lies in an on-going plan to unify the 6v6 and Highlander rules, configs and, as made apparent here, whitelists.

In addition to all noisemakers now no longer being allowed, the following items are hereby banned in all gamemodes:

  • Autogrant Pyrovision Goggles
  • Bombinomicon
  • High Five Taunt
  • Noise Maker – Winter 2011
  • Pet Balloonicorn
  • Pet Reindoonicorn
  • Pyrovision Goggles
  • The Bootie Time
  • The Burning Bongos
  • The Infernal Orchestrina
  • The Jingle Belt

Staff updates

  • Germany quintosh has good internet and time to help ETF2L again, and rejoins our AC Staff  as a full member.
  • Denmark Freakie has done some impressive work during his trial period as Highlander Admin and is hereby promoted to full Highlander Admin.
  • To continue the Retail Partnership Project International Gentleman Jon has joined our staff full time in the Sponsorship department.

Please join us in welcoming the fresh meat. We hope you’ll enjoy working for ETF2L as much as we do!

  • Master of words, UK Chaplain, has decided to spend his time on things not necessarily TF2 related, and will as such be leaving us.
  • UK Black_Bob no longer has the time nor the motivation to commit to being an admin.
  • Veteran Luxembourg Netsky will be retiring to Honorary Admin, but rumour has it he may still be sharing some of his time with us during the off-season periods!

Thanks for all the work and best of luck in your future endeavours to you all!


  1. unu: WWB? said:

    Noooooooooooo, high five taunt. RIP abusing the hell out of it by looking around corners/traps etc.

  2. Falcon0408: said:

    how will i pre-game troll in lobbies without pyrovision?

  3. quintosh: (Anti Cheat Staff) - addict! - Nein said:

    hi Freakie

  4. san alex: pHy - #cereal said:

    #rest in peace D man the annoying scout

  5. HBFS: pHy - Hobps said:

    Finally! D man is fucking owned.

  6. Enef: NMH - ssbk said:

    huh, why ban all this stuff now?

  7. MARS^: addict! - Nein said:


  8. Permzilla: (Head Admin) - awight guys said:

    Enef; The thought behind it lies in an on-going plan to unify the 6v6 and Highlander rules, configs and, as made apparent here, whitelists.

  9. D-Man: said:

    Why?! WHYYYYYYY? =’O

  10. Goat: said:

    God please not the same unlocks in 6s as in highlander atm
    Please ;_;
    Unlocks are perfect right now in 6s

  11. sazoil: :3 - T⑨ said:

    m-muh noisies ;C

  12. beach: [DA] - [AD] said:

    knew it Bob, what a part-timer.

  13. Permzilla: (Head Admin) - awight guys said:

    We don’t mean to unify the weapon whitelist as of yet, this is purely to make cosmetic bans the same for both 6v6 and HL. Don’t worry, you won’t see the Caber in 6v6 :D

  14. Admirable: -st- said:

    Thanks Netsky and Black_Bob.
    Fuck Chaplain, what a jerk!

    Welcome Freakie.

  15. atmo: said:


  16. Team mate: pHy - Ta said:

    Get wrecked D-man

  17. PuzZle: -chess- said:


  18. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - LAME said:

    Welcome (back) quintosh and Freakie, thanks Chaplain, Black_Bob and Netsky

  19. Ralero: Hexagon said:

    Why not just use the american 6v6 weapons config?

  20. Tutorial: $$$ - -st- said:

    hahaha why is Admirable (Potato Ambassador)

  21. Kaneco: div3newprem - Nave said:

    Thanks for your work everybody! Thanks netsky for all the time dedicated to this!

  22. nahka: Pyroishard - trg said:

    I thought ETF2L had always banned high five?

  23. unu: WWB? said:

    In highlander yes, not in 6v6. Which is why I abused the hell out of it.

  24. Spike Himself: (Honorary Admin) - TtA - TC.Storm said:

    ^ which is why it is now banned :D

  25. Reservoir dog: TC - #cereal said:

    Which is why I am a sexy loving machine.

  26. Reservoir dog: TC - #cereal said:

    Wait, wrong topic.

  27. Black_Bob: [DA] - [AD] said:

    It was good to see the other side, the admins do a shed load of work to run this league and do a dam good job at it!

    Thanks for letting me tag along :)

    Now back to some dota :D

  28. Admirable: -st- said:

    Wiethoofd unsung hero of the whitelist changes… #neverforget

  29. Enef: NMH - ssbk said:

    No more Super Scout Brothers. Or looking round corners using high five, lame :<

  30. 2nuts: . said:

    etf2l will take a huge hit from losing chaplain rip etf2l

  31. Chaplain: the ninja - TSPAG said:

    2nuts who

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