Season 16 powered by BlackOut Gaming: Playoffs and Tiebreakers

Date November 24, 2013

Season 16 powered by BlackOut Gaming

Season 16 powered by BlackOut Gaming – Playoffs & Tie breakers

The main season of ETF2L Season 16 powered by BlackOut Gaming is now over. All that remains is what you have all been waiting for: The conclusion of Season 16 in the Premiership Playoffs. There are also some additional tie breaker matches. Please note that we only create tiebreaker matches for ties that are relevant for pro- or demotions of a team or further playoffs. If two or more teams are tied for the 3rd place (or the 1st place in a division where the top 2 get promoted), all of them will receive a bronze (respectively golden) pixel trophy.

Tie breakers

Premiership Division Playoff Tiebreaker:

European TCM Gaming vs European flamingo gaming esports club

Division 3B Promotion Tiebreaker:

France RELAPSE! vs Denmark Sugoi as PuzZle! Fanboys

Division 4E Promotion Tiebreaker: 

Russia Gra4i vs Finland The Back Stabbing Scumbag And Few Others

Division 6M Promotion Tiebreaker

Sweden Keso gaming vs UK CoCo

Sweden Keso gaming vs France ôBowdel

France ôBowdel vs UK CoCo

This 3-way-tie in Division 6m will work as a round robin league, each team will play the others over 2 maps in a mini league. The winner of the league will place 2nd in the division.


All tiebreaker and Premiership Playoff matches are played as best of 3 maps. Any map from the Season 16 map pool can be chosen. In the Premiership Playoffs the Loser’s Pick system should be used, the team that finished higher during the Regular Season has the higher seed. For the tiebreakers, teams should use the Map Elimination System described here.


All Tie breakers have to be played by December 7th. If your match is not scheduled by November 29th a default date will be set by an admin.

Premiership Division Playoffs

Don’t forget what you are fighting for!

Playoff 1:

European TCM Gaming vs. European The Last Resort 

Playoff 2:

Winner of Playoff 1 vs European flamingo gaming esports club

 Playoff 3:

Winner of Playoff 2 vs European Epsilon eSports by Fragnet Networks

Premiership Division Playoff Schedule

  • Playoff 1: November 24th – November 30th
  • Playoff 2: December 1st – December 7th
  • Playoff 3: December 8th – December 14th

Default Dates will be set where necessary. Playing a match earlier than the schedule suggests, is, of course, allowed and encouraged.


A reminder that this season it is not only Premiership teams that are fighting for prizes this season! Thanks to Austria private_meta, we had additional prizes in the following format:

  • gold medal Division 1 winner: €80
  • gold medal Division 2 winners: €40
  • gold medal Division 3 winners: €22.50

Just to clarify, that means every Division 2 winner (2a, 2b…) and every Division 3 winner (3a,3b,3c,3d…) will receive a money prize for finishing first

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