Entries from August 2013

Nations Cup #4: Round of 16 Matches

Date August 29, 2013

Nations Cup #4 – Round of 16: France vs Portugal The Nations Cup resumes with taking on . Albeit they are arguably the stronger side, a big part of ‘s roster just returned from i49 and the fatigue could have an effect on their performance. This could prove fatal, especially against an opponent as formidable […]

Scripts Rule Update & Bans

Date August 27, 2013

Rule Update Using scripts to perform actions you would not be able to perform without scripts, or using scripts to disrupt the player hitbox/model is no longer allowed and may be classified as cheating. The complete rule reads as follows: 6.3 Scripts Scripts that allow a player to perform an action in-game that he would […]

Insomnia 49 Grand Finals!

Date August 25, 2013

i49 Grand Finals – Epsilon eSports vs TCM gaming The Team Fortress 2 World Championship title is coming back to Europe! A clash between the Multiplay i49 TF2 Finalists and is about to go live NOW (25 August, 17:25 CEST) Watch live video from multiplayon www.twitch.tv

Nations Cup #4: Round of 16 Matches

Date August 21, 2013

Nations Cup #4 – Round of 16: Belgium vs Spain Before i49, there is a bit of Nations Cup action when faces . Both teams were eliminated on this round in the last edition, and are now looking to best that record. On paper the teams look fairly even but only one can go through. […]

The Germans run this league no more

Date August 19, 2013

Last month, I overtook previous Head Admin in the number of taken admin requests (3794 vs 3768). With this last achievement and a heavy heart, I hereby resign from my duties at ETF2L with immediate effect and take my place in the ETF2L Admin Hall of Fame. For some, it might not come as a […]