Season 15 powered by BlackOut Gaming Playoffs: broder vs Wu-Tang Clan and Nations Cup #4: Romania vs Russia

Date July 18, 2013

Season 15 powered by BlackOut Gaming Playoffs: broder vs Wu-Tang Clan

The Season 15 Playoffs continue tonight with what many call the real Final of the season, European broder against European Team Infused. The victor goes on to fight European Epsilon eSports for the Grand Prize of 500 euros and 6 Club 3D Radeon HD 7850 royalKing graphics cards. The past encounters between tonight’s contestants have been very close, and very enjoyable to watch, and tonight should prove no exception.

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European Team Infused‘s recent pickup of UnitedKingdom kaidus has got them stronger and they’re only going to get stronger as time passes and their teamwork gets more solid. They’ve lost all recent encounters with tonight’s opposition but as said, the encounters have been getting progressively more close. Tonight could be their time.

As mentioned, European broder has won all the recent meetings between the two teams, and thus is naturally a slight favourite to win tonight. Having Finland zappis on scout instead of Sweden bybzii could swing the odds to either side with the plays coming out of the Finnish scout. However, being favourites should not mean anything in terms of how European broder will perform and we should be seeing them at their very best tonight.

Match Overview
European broder vs European Team Infused
Playoffs (Premiership Division )
Date Thursday, July 18th 21:15 CEST



3 - 2



2 - 7



6 - 4

European broder [6:3] European Team Infused

The game will be casted by VanillaTV with England Arx and England beta talking about the action while UnitedKingdom BoneS provides it. Alternatively, it will be casted on TeamFortress.TV by Netherlands ThePledge and England ilike2spin on the microphones and England Jon on the camera. Tune in at 21.15 CEST!

Nations Cup #4 – Group B: Romania vs Russia

More Nations Cup action also tonight with Romania Romania taking on Russia Russia. The latter being the massive favourites for the game, and one of the favourites for the whole cup too, with many players from Russia Last Man Standing, Romania Romania needs to pull off something very spectacular in order to get anything out of this game.

Match Overview
Romania Romania vs Russia Russia
Week 4 (Group B)
Date Thursday, July 18th 21:15 CEST



0 - 5

Romania Romania [0:3] Russia Russia

You can watch the match from Russia Galant‘s PoV here, a cast in Russian here or from the SourceTV below.

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  1. MARIANO said:

    Wu-Tang Clan? Please… Thank you ETF2L for unlimited number of team name changes. Retarded kids are happy.

  2. bubble bobbler said:

    the fact that you care says more about you than them I think

  3. Ghostface: spire said:

    They ain’t nothing to fuck with.

  4. Selek said:

    Team Infused now? Make up your mind already…

  5. Selek said:

    Oh, seems like you did. Disregard my former comment, good luck :)