Wednesday Nations Cup Matches & Bans

Date July 17, 2013

Highlander Nations Cup #2 – Group D: Finland vs Canada

The top 2 teams in Group D come face to face tonight when Finland Finland faces Canada Canada. Going into the match Finland Finland has the slight upper hand, being forecasted a strong top 4 candidate. Canada Canada has some strong players on the other side of the pond, but are they strong enough to beat a bunch of well proven Europeans?

Watch live video from VanillaTV on

Match Overview
Finland Finland vs Canada Canada
Week 2 (Group D)
Date Wednesday, July 17th 20:30 CEST



2 - 0



5 - 0

Finland Finland [6:0] Canada Canada

The match will be casted by VanillaTV with UnitedKingdom Skully and England byte on the microphones and Latvia AnimaL on the camera. It will also be casted by the “Classy Cast” here with UnitedKingdom bubble bobbler, UnitedKingdom Permzilla and UnitedKingdom Ruskeydoo, and in Russian here by Russia irfx.

Highlander Nations Cup #2 – Group D: Belgium vs Greece

The second match in Group D is between the two bottom placed teams, Belgium Belgium and Greece Greece. In the first week they lost to Finland Finland and Canada Canada, respectively, and are now looking to pick up their first points. Belgium Belgium boasts the more known roster with their captain Belgium droso shining out as the star and should be looking to pick this one up. However, Greece Greece have a very unknown lineup that can always have the potential to lead to an upset.

Watch live video from blackoutgamingtv on

Match Overview
Belgium Belgium vs Greece Greece
Week 2 (Group D)
Date Wednesday, July 17th 21:00 CEST
SourceTV: connect; password tv



2 - 0



5 - 0

Belgium Belgium [6:0] Greece Greece

The game will be casted on BlackOutTV by England Flood and England SuddenlyStarMia on the microphones while England Jon provides the action. Tune in at 21.00 CEST!

Nations Cup #4 – Group E: Croatia vs Georgia

The Fourth edition of the Nations Cup kicks off tonight between Croatia Croatia and Georgia Georgia. Croatia Croatia has some fairly strong players from Croatia Guru Gaming while Georgia Georgia has a very unknown roster. Even if Georgia Georgia are the slight underdogs, these two could provide us an entertaining start to the cup.

Match Overview
Croatia Croatia vs Georgia Georgia
Week 4 (Group E)
Date Wednesday, July 17th 20:00 CEST



5 - 2

Croatia Croatia [3:0] Georgia Georgia

You can follow the match on the SourceTV below.

SourceTV: connect


The following players have been found to be guilty of cheating by our AC staff and are now banned from all ETF2L competitions for one year:

Israel Blind – Cheating in pickups with alt accounts
Russia AnteroX – Aimbot/Triggerbot

Any games in open competitions that these players participated in will be changed to default losses.

Additionally, some players have been spotted with recent VAC bans affecting Team Fortress 2 and are also banned for one year:

European shy – VAC
Germany timo- – VAC
England huhwhat – VAC
England Phrenic – Alt of England huhwhat

As they have not been caught cheating by our AC staff, their teams’ results will not be affected.


  1. AnimaL said:

    n1 random

  2. Nafve: Pyroishard - `(OvO)´ said:

    Wow highlander is getting a lot of coverage this season or did i just not pay attention last season

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    #freerandom (?)

  11. Permzilla: (Legend) - fm! - WiK? said:

    Nafve; Last year pretty much every HLNC game had a post last cup. I guess you just missed it.

  12. Starkie: 7. said:

    but random was gonna replace maffi as our demo

  13. Recluse: kamaboys - kiti said:

    #free Tal !!!!11

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    no wonder why shy was such a hard medic to stab

  16. Casual: prtyboiz - T⑨ said:

    Phrenic: 0:48 0:47


  17. shy said:

    >no wonder why shy was such a hard medic to stab


  18. Caeli: MJ - L M A O said:

    lol Random.

  19. Rdios: REVERTO said:

    dont worry stark bar can play demo and heal with his pipes

  20. onv said:

    @ shy

    i can practically smell your pussy from here.
    funny how your hacks didn’t protect you from revolver bullets tho

  21. Phrenic: dick said:

    Phrenic: 0:48 0:47


    An unanticipated headshot and knowing there’s another Scout above me? wow such outbreaking evidence

  22. Nafve: Pyroishard - `(OvO)´ said:

    Permzilla: Didn’t browse ETF2L last season :p

  23. Ununoctium: nugporn said:

    Damn, how many ban posts has there been since last Frenchie got banned?

  24. Aephage said:

    lol casual, that’s the worst hackusation I’ve ever seen

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    “@ shy

    i can practically smell your pussy from here.”

    What the fuck.

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    you seem to have no knowledge of what a russian pussy is
    i suggest you go to your bathroom with a laptop and google it

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  29. Casual: prtyboiz - T⑨ said:

    @Aephage Wasn’t hackusating, just pointing out interesting videos for further research for those interested.

  30. konr: dick said:

    Casual: Please don’t even suggest that he has anything hacky about him what so ever. He’s an alright scout/sniper with absolutely nothing what so ever that would suggest he hacked/hacks. The reason he’s banned is because he was stupid as fuck, got an old account VAC banned and then thought I wouldn’t tell anyone.

  31. Godof said:

    “and then thought I wouldn’t tell anyone”- and for what reason exactly? sounds to me like you’re just a little telltale.

  32. konr: dick said:

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