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Season 15 powered by BlackOut Gaming Premiership Relegation Playoff and Highlander Nations Cup #2: Norway vs France

Date July 16, 2013

Season 15 powered Premiership Relegation Playoff: LMS vs Team Chokers

One of the participants in the Premiership next season is decided tonight between Russia Last Man Standing and European Lowpander. One managed to escape straight relegation while the other fell just short of promotion losing a tiebreaker against European REVERTO. Who can prove they deserve to be in the Premiership?

Watch live video from teamfortresstv on www.twitch.tv
Watch live video from VanillaTV on www.twitch.tv

Russia Last Man Standing had a dissapointing start to the season, and looked to be heading for straight relegation. However, after picking up Netherlands MightyMe and England WARHURYEAH, their form seemed to go up, picking up points here and there, eventually ending 3 points ahead of France The frenchy survived.

European Lowpander had a very convincing run during the season fading just at the end resulting in the previously mentioned tiebreaker against European REVERTO that they lost. Tonight they get the last chance to make up for their mistakes.

Match Overview
Russia Last Man Standing vs European Lowpander
Playoffs (Premiership Division )
Date Tuesday, July 16th 21:15 CEST



2 - 3



4 - 3 (golden cap)



3 - 4 (golden cap)

Russia Last Man Standing [3:6] European Lowpander

The match will be casted on TeamFortressTV by Netherlands ThePledge and England SuddenlyStarMia with Norway Heavy Is GPS on the camera. Alternatively, VanillaTV will be broadcasting the game as well with UnitedKingdom Skully and England byte on the microphones and Netherlands Arie on the camera. Tune in at 21.15 CEST!

Highlander Nations Cup #2 – Group A: Norway vs France

Some Highlander Nations Cup action tonight when Norway Norway take on big-time favourites, France France. While Norway Norway does boast some fairly strong players in Norway Ace, Norway fanny_filth and Norway toogyboogy for example, the fact that their opponents consist mainly of Season 4 champions, France DAROUTOUTOU, does swing the odds to the French side. Can Norway Norway mount a challenge or will France France cruise to a victory?

Watch live video from blackoutgamingtv on www.twitch.tv

Match Overview
Norway Norway vs France France
Week 2 (Group A)
Date Tuesday, July 16th 21:15 CEST
SourceTV: fakkelbrigade.eu:27100



1 - 2 (golden cap)



0 - 4

Norway Norway [1:5] France France

The game will be casted on BlackOutTV by UnitedKingdom Ryushi and Finland Lyrete on the microphones while England Jon provides the action. It will also be casted in Russian here by Russia irfx. Tune in at 21.15 CEST!


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