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Highlander Nations Cup #2: Announcing Captains and Other Updates!

Date June 29, 2013

Highlander Nations Cup #2: Announcing Captains!

As a reminder, only national teams created by chosen Captains will be allowed to sign up for the Highlander Nations cup.

Here is a list of captains chosen to represent their nation!

As for the chosen captains, we want you to use the same team page as last time (if applicable). If you need leader rights for that team, please contact an admin on IRC here. Captains should add the desired roster to the team page as soon as possible, remembering the maximum roster size of 20. Teams without at least 12 players on the team roster (exceptions may apply) by July 7 could be removed from the Cup.

Groups will be announced tomorrow and from then teams should start to try to schedule as many of their group games as possible in the schedule week.

Highlander Nations Cup #2: Map and Schedule Updates

Map Pool

  • Groups Week 1: pl_badwater + cp_steel
  • Groups Week 2: pl_upward + cp_gullywash
  • Groups Week 3: koth_pro_viaduct_rc3 + cp_gravelpit
  • Groups Week 4: pl_barnblitz_pro + koth_lakeside
  • Tiebreaker Week: Best of 3 picked from the map pool.
  • Round of 16: pl_barnblitz_pro + koth_lakeside (decider map: pl_upward)
  • Quarter Final: pl_badwater + cp_gullywash (decider map: cp_gravelpit)
  • Semi-Final: Best of 3 picked from the map pool.
  • Grand Final: Best of 3 picked from the map pool.


  • Schedule week: July 1 – July 7
  • Groups Week 1: July 8 – July 12
  • Groups Week 2: July 13 – July 17
  • Groups Week 3: July 18 – July 22
  • Groups Week 4: July 23 – July 27
  • Tiebreaker Week: July 28 – August 1
  • Round of 16: August 2 – August 6
  • Quarter Final: August 7 – August 11
  • Semi-Final: August 12 – August 16
  • Grand Final: August 17 – August 21

Week 4 in the groups is solely for the Groups with 5 nations in them. Nations in groups with 4 teams don’t play any games this week.

6v6 Nations Cup #4: News to follow later tonight!


  1. huhystah said:

    o m g

  2. Toba: (a boT from the North) - #gather - inv said:

    barnblitz ;C

  3. NightWing94: v|u - Dragons said:

    Good Luck HF all!

  4. Ununoctium: Gaston - TC said:


  5. THE_WILLY said:

    lol adysky already made a SVK team, why isn’t he a captain?!

  6. Ritalin said:

    if you insist on making people play a broken map like viaduct_pro, please put in some type of bug abuse rule for heavies who like to exploit the boards on mid point.

    and remove barnblitz. read the feedback thread please.

  7. Beetle: ZED - DANMARK said:


  8. b33p_: (ETF2L Donator) - -st- said:

    :) sounds good, looking forward to it.

  9. Mista: HDCK! - SDCK! said:

    are the CP and PL maps gonna be played bo1 or bo3 during playoffs?

  10. Limp.: HEHE said:

    Ritaline there is already rule for that.

    “6.1 Bug-Using is not allowed

    Any kind of “Bug-Using” is not allowed. Player using bugs will be punished. If you are unsure about the legality of any sneaky spot on a map, please contact an admin to clarify the situation and prevent complaints from your opponent.”

  11. davemarsh said:

    Is there a 6s nations cup or?

  12. davemarsh said:

    I can’t delete my comment. I saw info about it at end, i’m jst being stupid lol

  13. atomic-: Publiclir - 8-) said:

    gl hf :D

  14. nibo: elev8 - eerie said:

    can we see some actual hl players in the roster this time instead of this being 6s nation cup 2 ?

  15. nibo: elev8 - eerie said:

    i meant that comment in a nice way

  16. Permzilla: (Legend) - nL - WiK? said:

    @ Mista bo3

  17. uubers: B5. - good said:

    latvia clark xDDDDDDDDDDD

  18. Ununoctium: Gaston - TC said:

    One guy says he enjoyed barnblitz, over 10 ppl said it’s a shitty map. Map is still in the map pool.
    What’s the point of feedback if you ignore it?

  19. irfx: busi said:

    Latvia without atomic makes me smile. Also agree with people about useless feedback and barnblitz case.

  20. Permzilla: (Legend) - nL - WiK? said:

    what is hard to understand that it is feedback and not “whatever is said in this thread is final” ??

  21. AnimaL said:

    makes me smile too, i guess no latvians in this hl cup? :D

  22. uubers: B5. - good said:

    without atomic Latvia probably have better chances but with clark leading the team there cant be much talking about chances

  23. Spycy: HDCK! - XDCK! said:

    Someday we’ll that ol’ Swifwater in ETF2L HL

    (At least that’s what I hope)

  24. Henghast: ZED - bobs said:

    Im very disappointed I could not make a Macedonian team. :( The world needs more Macedonians.