Season 14 powered by Twitch: Epsilon eSports vs Quarantine

Date February 6, 2013


ETF2L Season 14 powered by Twitch: Epsilon eSports v Quarantine

Week 3 has commenced just a few days ago and we’ve already had quite a few good matches, with European BFF pulling off a good fight against Premiership old-timers European Crack Clan and Swegian broder showing they are still a strong team, defeating International Team Doctrinal. Those weren’t the last you will see this week, as tonight we’ll see the current hegemons,
European Epsilon eSports will take on European Quarantine. While it’s hard to discuss Epsilon’s will to win, as well as their ability to do so, Quarantine know what they are going against tonight. Considering their performance this season, it’s hard to tell how they will do this time, but we saw them shine before – will they be prepared well enough for the oncoming onslaught?

[Map 1 cp_gullywash_final1]

[Map 2 cp_snakewater]


Match Overview
European Epsilon eSports vs European Quarantine
Week 3 (Premier Division)
Date Wednesday, February 6th 21:10 CET



5 - 0



5 - 3

European Epsilon eSports [6:0] European Quarantine

VanillaTV will be covering tonight’s match, with Netherlands Pledge and Ireland Admirable behind the mics; make sure to check out their cast at 21:10CET!

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