Season 14 powered by Twitch: Crack Clan vs Pokeman & ETF2L 6th Cup Wrapup

Date February 3, 2013


ETF2L Season 14 powered by Twitch: Crack Clan vs Pokeman

As week 2 draws to a close, in true premier division style, one week 1 game remains unplayed. Tonight both European Pokeman (former and European Crack Clan open their bid for the premiership playoffs on Badlands and Gullywash.

[Map 1 cp_badlands]

[Map 2 cp_gullywash_final1]

 The Pokeman roster has had quite the facelift in  the recent weeks, swapping out Germany Rising, Portugal t0dA and most recently England si^. The new lineup splits the legendary soldier super duo of Portugal Haunter and Portugal Coinz as Coinz moves to scout to make way for Finland Darn to continue his presence in top flight. Perhaps this new lineup grants them the much needed stability to make the hop from top of division 1 to premiership contenders but it remains to be seen whether they can compete with the top teams which Crack Clan undoubtedly has become after their 2nd place finish in Season 13.

Notably, tonight marks the premiership debut for Germany Brego who has been highly favoured as the next top demo to unseat the British dominance of England Numlocked and England Kaidus and the return of Portugal Kiler4fun to the premier division for Pokeman after over a year of absence. His clash with Crack Clan’s super star Sweden TviQ will definitely be one of the main factors in deciding tonight’s result.

I caught up with Brego to see how he felt about his first official match in Europe’s top division. He gave me this bold statement:

I am going pretty confidently into this match. I found my place and position in Crack Clan with relative ease so we were able to practice without having to worry about me underperforming this season. We never played myDGB in a single pcw as far as I know but since they had some major roster shakeups before the season, I don’t expect much trouble for us tonight. We will win.

Match Overview
European Team Infused vs European Pokeman
Week 1 (Premier Division)
Date Sunday, February 3rd 21:15 CET



6 - 2



4 - 2

European Team Infused [6:0] European Pokeman

You can catch the action as it unfolds with VanillaTV live at 21.15 CET with the much awaited reunion of Netherlands Pledge & England Skully on the mics.

ETF2L 6th Cup – Wrapup

The 6th ETF2L Cup has been finished with the final having been played last Wednesday. Congratulation to European Epsilon eSports for another pixel trophy on your team page (and €300). European Epsilon eSports was one of the 8 teams, that joined the cup for the round of 16. On their way to the trophy, they have beaten the following teams:

Unfortunately, the maps croissant and quay have been barely played. We hope you had fun anyway. Please leave us some feedback, if you liked the traditional ETF2L Cup setup with random seedings for every round. Due to this setup, we had some quality matches in the earlier rounds. For example, we could see European Quarantine vs. European Team Doctrinal in the round of 16. The upset of the division 2 team European Reverto winning over premiership debutant European Pokeman (former and taking a map off division 1 team Finland Lutuset would probably not have happened in a seeded tournament either. On the other hand, with no disrespect towards any of the teams, the cup did not have the most exciting final one could have imagined. Let us know which aspects of the setup you liked and which not please!

The total standings may not be as meaningful because each round was seeded randomly, but here they are anyway:

  • 1st European Epsilon eSports
  • 1st Finland Lutuset
  • 1st European Team Reverto
  • 1st European BFF

The trophies have been given out and the competition can now be found in our cup archive.


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