ESEA LAN TF2 Finals this Weekend!

Date June 30, 2012

Portugal Vaskie left us with some information on the ESEA LAN TF2 finals this weekend.

ESEA Season 11 Lan is here and for anyone that is up to pair with the latest news on the American Scene this is the most exciting LAN to be had, by far! USA Mihaly’s Flow, USA Leviathan Gaming (Ex-Quantic Legacy), USA Classic Mixup, and USA Srsly Br0 are going to be brawling against each other to see who comes out of the Lan with the first prize being $4,800. But that’s not all, the second place will be taking home $2,400, the third $1,680 and the fourth $1,200, but the big question is who is gonna steal the trophy this time…

The rosters and seeds for this Lan will be:

  1. USA Mihalys Flow (harbleu, ww-, PYYYOUR, soup, Ruwin, Shrugger)
  2. USA Srsly br0 (boomer, blaze, mesr, dummy, oPlaiD, Yz50)
  3. USA Classic Mixup (Platinum, lansky, kbk-, smaka, mo0se, enigma)
  4. USA Leviathan Gaming (enoryT, Dave__AC, shade, b4nny, cyzer, clockwork)

With i46 happening in August, this is a great chance for Europeans to see how the Americans go at the game, and understand whats the reality of Team Fortress 2 on the other side of the ocean.
With all of the competition in Invite being so damn strong, this is looking to be the best season of Lan yet, and none should lose the opportunity to watch the greatest American players going agains’t eachother.

You can watch the stream right underneath. Portugal Vaskie provided a viewing guide that will be updated as often as possible.  Our favourite Romanian Canadian Canada Alfa will keep this thread updated with STV and Mumble cast information for everybody who wants to be his own director but we really recommend you to support TF2 and ESEA by watching the stream as this is what counts for the sponsors!

Watch live video from ESEA LIVE S10 LAN Finals in Dallas! on


  1. Vaskie: BulletClub said:

    First match, Leviathan Gaming won agains’t Milhaly’s Flow. Warmfront 4-5 (Flow), Badlands 5-2 (Leviathan), Process 6-3(Leviathan) ! First seed was sent to the Lower Bracket after the first match.

  2. Kaneco said:

    I think there’s a bracket on the looser brackets missing on the .pdf, right before the grand final bracjet

  3. Vaskie: BulletClub said:

    Yeah, already has been fixed, going to be uploaded now.

  4. Nmx: ᴷᵈ said:


  5. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Sorry Nmx, disabled autoplay :)

  6. Vaskie: BulletClub said:

    Second match, Classic Mixup won agains’t Srlsy br0. Snakewater 3-5 (Mixup), Gullywash 3-5 (Mixup), with that, Mixup move on the High Bracket to play agains’t Leviathan Gaming while Srsly br0 are going to the Lower Bracket to play agains’t Mihaly’s Flow.

    The Guide will be again updated in a few minutes. Tune in to the Lower Bracket Semi-Finals !

  7. Vaskie: BulletClub said:

    Third match, Srsly br0 won agains’t Mihaly’s Flow, taking down the number #1 seed out of the ESEA LAN. Mihaly’s Flow ends up getting the fourth place out of the tournament, which isn’t that great considering their performance over the season. Turbine_Pro 4-1 (Srsly br0), Granary 5-3 (Srsly br0). Taking that into account, Srsly br0 go on to the second round of the Lower Bracket to go agains’t the loser of the (Classic Mixup Vs Leviathan Gaming).

  8. Vaskie: BulletClub said:

    Fourth match, Leviathan Gaming won agains’t Classic Mixup on the High Bracket Finals, making sure Classic Mixup is brought to the Lower Bracket Final to go head to head with Srsly br0. Warmfront 5-4 (Leviathan), Badlands 5-3 (Leviathan).

  9. Vaskie: BulletClub said:

    Fifth match, Classic Mixup won convincingly agains’t Srsly br0 on the Lower Bracket Finals, making sure Classic Mixup goes through to the Championship Finals. Srsly br0 finish on the third place on the tournament with a prize grab of $1,680 in front of the #1 seed. Snakewater 5-1 (Mixup), Gullywash 5-1 (Mixup).

    Don’t forget today, at 17:30 CEST, the Grand-Finals will be played between Leviathan Gaming and Classic Mixup. If Classic Mixup want to have their revenge after losing their previous match agains’t Leviathan Gaming and win the whole tournament, they will need to take two best-of-three series, while Leviathan Gaming being on the higher bracket has the advantage of only having to win one best-of-three series.

    With the previous scores of Warmfront 5-4 (Leviathan), Badlands 5-3 (Leviathan), we will be watching and extremely close match.

    Please make sure to post the stream everywhere, and tell everyone about it. TF2 needs as much as support as it can get, and with the help of everyone we can make it happen. Yesterday some crazy numbers were pulled beating even Counter Strike.

    Thanks to everyone that is doing their best to make it happen.