Entries from June 2012

ESEA LAN TF2 Finals this Weekend!

Date June 30, 2012

 Vaskie left us with some information on the ESEA LAN TF2 finals this weekend. ESEA Season 11 Lan is here and for anyone that is up to pair with the latest news on the American Scene this is the most exciting LAN to be had, by far!  Mihaly’s Flow,  Leviathan Gaming (Ex-Quantic Legacy),  Classic Mixup, […]

Season 12 Playoffs and Highlander Nations Cup Information

Date June 25, 2012

Season 12 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Playoffs Today is the last day you can/could play your matches. Where necessary, the tie-breaker matches have been created. The first premiership playoff, TCM Gaming vs. Punchline, has even already been scheduled for Thursday, June 28! Please start scheduling and playing now, below is the full list of all […]

i46 eXtv’s donation drive

Date June 19, 2012

Just a quick heads up to tell you all about our friends across the pond at eXtv are trying to bring 2 top class North American sides over to this summer’s highly anticipated Multiplay insomnia-46 LAN event. The top 4 teams from the continent have announced their intentions to attend the event, meaning that the […]

Highlander Nations Cup Signups and a Free Mumble Server

Date June 18, 2012

Highlander Nations Cup Signups Signups for the Highlander Nations Cup are now open! Please ensure you have the minimum of 12 required players registered on your team before signing up for the cup! The deadline for signups is June 27 and the first week will start on July 1. More information on the schedule will follow […]

More Captains and Season 12 Reminders

Date June 10, 2012

6v6 Nations Cup: More Captains We received some more applications for the following countries. The assigned captains has been given access to our team captains forum to discuss the settings for the upcoming Nations Cup. The whole list of captains can be viewed here. If your country is not on the list it means we […]