Entries from November 2011

One Night Cup: Croissant! – Brackets

Date November 30, 2011

Tomorrow our latest one night cup will take place for which signups are now closed. It will have all matches played on the map cp_croissant which should provide some interesting gameplay for all. If you have not seen or downloaded the map yet, be sure to check it out. Croissant can be downloaded here. Brackets will […]

Season 10 Playoffs!

Date November 22, 2011

Our tenth season is now drawing to a close, after around 1,200 matches, and it is now time to showcase the Season 10 Playoffs! A small number of teams have not managed to play all of their games within the time given and we have to move on, so unfortunately for them we have to […]

One Night Cup: Croissant!

Date November 20, 2011

Already starting to miss 6v6 action so soon in the wake of Season 10? No worries! On Thursday 1st December at 20:00 CET we will be hosting a one night cup! All rounds will be played on cp_croissant, a new map made by Arnold, the mastermind behind the official map cp_gullywash. It is also possible […]

Promotions, Relegations, Minor Updates and Unban

Date November 17, 2011

It has taken a while, but we can now announce promotions and relegation critera for non-premier divisions! Please bear in mind that we have to consider the new Season 11 structure when deciding these spots, as well as factor in the madness that is the pre-season division seeding. We’d like to have just one group […]

Yet Another Banpost

Date November 12, 2011

Afternoon all. The following players are now banned: eLm0re – Wallhack – 1 year ban  eLmore – Alt account of eLm0re – 1 year ban  eLmore – Alt account of eLm0re – 1 year ban That’s all for now!