Entries from May 2011

Summer flavours

Date May 30, 2011

Summer 2011 We have decided to not run a league season during the summer of 2011. It didn’t really work last year, and we don’t think that a summer league this year would fare any better. We do however have other plans. We read our forums and do our best to consider your feedback. Over […]

Season 9 Extension Week, Rosters Locked, Playoffs

Date May 21, 2011

Extension Week In order to give teams the chance to play all their games, we have decided to add an extra week onto the end of the season. This means that all regular season games must be played by 5th June. However Week 9 Default Dates will still be given on Monday for the period […]

i43 TF2 Tournament Prizes, cp_grack_b9 Cup starting

Date May 18, 2011

i43 Prizes Announced, Venue Changed ETF2L Partners Multiplay have announced the details for the TF2 Tournament at this summer’s i43 LAN. The Lan promises to be a big one for TF2 and to show their support Multiplay have pledged a minimum of £5,000 in prizes, with up to £13,500 available depending on the number of […]

ETF2L Public Server, Admin changes, bans, One Night Cup coming soon

Date May 11, 2011

ETF2L Public Server It’s been gone for a while, but it’s back! The official ETF2L public server is now live for ETF2L members only! You can find the server here: Play fair and enjoy! Admin Changes For various reasons, the following players will be leaving the admin team: mvp. mihalch We would like to […]