Entries from November 2010

The Highlander Mix-up Match: Video and SourceTV demo!

Date November 27, 2010

Last Wednesday saw the great Highlander Mix-Up Match between competitive players, Valve developers and players from the public community. To start off the match, two exciting rounds were played on Badwater. The second map was played on Granary, and even though there were some DOS attacks on the SourceTV’s and the connection of players, the fun could […]

The Highlander Mix-up Match (fun while it lasted)

Date November 20, 2010

Stay tuned to ETF2L for STV demos and VODs! It has been a while, but now it is finally time to bring you the event you have all been waiting for. The ETF2L Highlander Community Challenge which tries to find the best community team of TF2 has seen over a thousand signups and an exciting group stage. The […]

Experimental Ordnance Cup #2: Kicking off!

Date November 17, 2010

Be sure to give your feedback: here The brackets for the second Experimental Ordnance Cup have been generated and we are ready to go live! High Bracket: Click here Low Bracket: Click here Round 1: 20:00 CET (granary) Quarter Final: 20:45 CET (gullywash) Semi Final: 21:30 CET (granary) Final: 22:15 CET (gullywash) Spectating! Be sure […]

Experimental Ordnance Cup #2: The Polycount Prowess

Date November 15, 2010

After weeks of running around with the new unlocks on publics it is finally time to see how they fare in competitive play. The Experimental Ordnance Cup #2 will try to explore the strengths and weaknesses of new unlocks and strategies. Are they good? Are they balanced? Are they fun? Play it and prove it. >>> Signup Now <<< […]

i41 TF2 Tournament Begins

Date November 13, 2010

As a community, Team Fortress 2 prides itself on its together-ness. After being sidelined by other more popular games for so long, competitive Team Fortress 2 has finally started to be respected for what it is. However respect is a two way exchange. We need to recognise that we can work together with other parts […]