Season 5: Award winners!

Date July 30, 2009

Seven days of voting are over; thanks to 879 users who took part and decided these award winners:

  • Most Surprising Team – rockit (Division 2a)
  • Fairplay Award – CantFitMyN (Division 6f)
  • Division 3 team of the Season – Oh My God It Is
  • Division 4 team of the Season – Sweden Northwave
  • Division 5 team of the Season – dA-Gaming
  • Division 6 team of the Season – nicey-tf2.
  • Most Underrated Player – Sweden BERSERKER (Resistansen)
  • Demoman of the Season – Extremer (I Don’t Know?)
  • Heavy of the Season – Pace (jAgarna)
  • Medic of the Season – kyynel (Crack Clan)
  • Scout of the Season – Shintaz (I Don’t Know?)
  • Sniper of the Season – Jh (Born2Die)
  • Soldier of the Season – punpu (Crack Clan)

Congratulations for this special achievement in world’s biggest TF2 league!

Every winner of a Player Award is automatically nominated as Player of the Season. Which player should win the most valuable award? Of course it’s up to the community to decide:

Season 5 Award: Player of the Season

Total Voters: 635

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Poll will close next Wednesday, 23:59 CEST.

With the Soldier 1on1 and Pyro 3on3 Cup ending soon, we have almost reached our official summer break. The complete August will be used for detailed discussions and organizing regarding the Nations Cup, Season 6 and some new stuff of course.

In the meanwhile, we will keep you updated with our upcoming Mapping Contest polls, the following tournament, weapon polls and maybe a special summer competition…!


  1. howdeh: Perilous - WUL said:


  2. kolox: obs. said:


  3. howdeh: Perilous - WUL said:


  4. kolox: obs. said:


  5. Penguin_ said:

    Pace (jAgarna, Heavy of the Season) (-1%, 0 Votes)

    Nice percentage xD

    Not as many swedes/finns as players of thier class this season :O

  6. Xzar: puppeli said:

    yes only 4/6? :C

  7. SfnX: T2P said:

    COngratz to the winners, but as we all know im the player of the season so no need to have this 1 >.>

  8. Extremer said:

    so i heard all winners get free headsets

  9. Säsong 5 – Utmärkelser : said:

    […] Det återstår dock en kategori att rösta på, Säsongens Spelare, och ni kan rösta på en av de nominerade HÄR […]

  10. Penguin_ said:

    Was 6/6 last season Xzar :$

  11. Nwave.tf2 named div4 team of the season. — Northwave Gaming Association said:

    […] Leave a Reply […]

  12. Puppets said:

    go extremer

  13. Spawnhawk: pB. said:

    only 4 votes >.< dammed

  14. ScArY_ said:

    Awesome Beauty Contest.

  15. che: fa» - [SpA] said:

    but Shintaz is the beauty queen, not?
    vote Shintaz now, please

  16. Memento Mori said:

    Extremer cuz he liked my song a little bit

  17. bpf: rockit said:

    Most Surprising Team – rockit (Division 2a)

    lol :D