Entries from April 2009

Season 5 divisions – map pick phase – Start scheduling – ban

Date April 28, 2009

Divisions We have now finalized the divisions for season 5. We have taken into account all division change requests, and applied them where possible. Without further ado, follow the following link to see your division and your opponents for this season: >>>[Season 5 Tables]<<< Map picks open All teams can now start picking the maps […]

Soldier 1on1 cup start – Scout 2on2 cup round 4

Date April 25, 2009

Soldier 1on1 cup start The signups are closed, we have reached the massive amount of  380 players. With a cup tree of 512 slots, this means we will have a lot of teams instantly going to round 2. The cup will have a strict schedule of 1 round per week. With the size of the […]

Season 5 news: provisional divisions, playoff, map pool and dates – another ban

Date April 24, 2009

Season 5: provisional divisions With the signups  going so fast, we were able to start, and finish our provisional seedings well ahead of schedule. This is when you will find out in which division we have placed you. It is only a general indication, ranging from div 1 to 6, later on you will be […]

50 € Sold 1on1 Cup: Sign-Ups closing – Season 4: Award winner

Date April 20, 2009

50 € Soldier 1on1 Cup: Sign-Ups closing As we already reached 340 Sign Ups for our upcoming Sold 1on1 Cup we decided to size it up to 512 slots. Everyone who haven’t signed yet but still want to participate in the biggest 1on1 competition in the history of TF2 have time till this Wednesday, 23:59 […]

Season 5 map pool votes – fun cup status – season 4 playoffs reminder – signups full – another ban

Date April 16, 2009

Season 5 map pool To decide which map pool we are going to use in season 5, we’ve thought about some public polls for you to help us make the decision. First we have the season 4 mappool for you: Primary (each map can be chose 3 times): cp_granary, cp_fastlane, cp_badlands, cp_gravelpit, cp_well, ctf_turbine Secondary […]