Scout 2on2 Cup: back on track – New admins – The Community LAN

Date March 26, 2009

Scout 2on2 Cup: The show must go on

Sadly not many teams took part in the forum poll and it also ended in a draw (9 votes for poll option A + B). Still, it’s time to get this cup back on track, so we have decided for the mentioned rules below. There will probably be another rule change when there is a decent solution to remove First Blood.


  • [Specific Rules] – [Cup Tree]
  • Winmode: Best of 3 Maps, each map played as Best of 5 (first team reaching 3 points wins)
  • Round 1 Maps: 1. cp_granary 2. cp_well 3. cp_badlands
  • Round 2 Maps: 1. ctf_turbine 2. cp_fastlane 3. ctf_mach4
  • Note: If your team is still in the cup but you don’t want to participate anymore, please write a short comment on the regarding match page.


  • Round 1 – Schedule deadline: Sunday 29th March, 23:59 CET
  • Round 1 – Match deadline: Wednesday 1st April, 23:59 CET
  • Round 2 – Schedule deadline: Sunday 5th April, 23:59 CET
  • Round 2 – Match deadline: Wednesday 8th April, 23:59 CET

New Admins

After the loss of DeNeusbeer we started a search for new additions to our staff. Thanks for the huge amount of applications and sorry again we couldn’t take everybody in. Anyway please welcome the following new admins to our staff – hope you will have a good time:

The Community LAN

A very promising LAN called “The Community LAN” was announced last week. The LAN will be hold from 3rd to 5th July in Enschede, Holland. 54 TUP spots will be available and shared by all participants. More information can be found at the regarding website and forum thread.


  1. DeNeusbeer: (Legend) - HoT<3 said:

    Only 6 guys to replace me? :P
    I hope you all have fun being admin though, cause that’s what it’s supposed to be.

  2. holzkopp*: EC! said:

    L!nc0ln FTW!

  3. frooker said:

    gl to Mr. Plus as the new anti-cheat expert. ;)

  4. numlocked: (king of all rollouts) - Epsilon said:

    Does this mean I have to be nice to byte? :(

  5. Heliana said:


  6. perry: [MIPC] said:

    :D m0re head admin of etf2l hell yeah

  7. Grem: rEJ - TG said:

    Hi Mr Plus!

  8. Moose: [MIPC] - #10 said:

    m0re and gryzor working together as admins. Reminds me of ETF and the Kindergarten gathers :)

  9. waebi: ‹Con› said:

    Gryzor. LOL. one of the worst flamers on here. Kudos.

  10. Bury said:

  11. Morty: RG said:

    Heya Mr. Plus :p

  12. Zurike: cQr - cQr-HL said:

    chocolate? god bless us…

  13. fabetroma said:

    Gl Mr. Plus

  14. Relentless said:

    L!nc0ln for president!

    oh wait… XP

  15. gryzor said:

    Moose: A winning concept even back then!

  16. shifty: Sir said:

    Gl, dont lose faith in the community too quick

  17. Sty said:

    Congratulations chocolate!!!

    Hope you good luck!!

  18. Obi: DA! said:

    Bonne chance Mr. Plus.

  19. Gryzor ny admin på ETF2L : Onlinegamer - Team Fortress 2 på svenska said:

    […] […]

  20. p1m3nt3l said:

    =[MAXIMUS RESPECT]= chocolatE^^

  21. Bash said:

    LAWL isn’t gryzor the guy who tried to take a default from our highlander match the other day because we had weird names? Played.

  22. SnowiE: -9w- - -9m- said:

    Are you suggesting it’s a bad thing that Gryzor knows the rules and expects people to abide by them? Also, we filed for a default win because you did not have a full team after 15 minutes.

  23. Silan: (Actual Size) said:

    Bash <33333333

  24. eoN^ said:

    “Gryzor. LOL. one of the worst flamers on here. Kudos.”


  25. Bash said:

    SnowiE, we had 8 at 15minutes and would definitely have readied up had you actually said something instead of just left like a bunch of cocks. I know you guys want to avoid a loss but it’s just a funcup, show some bloody sportsmanship.

  26. Shambler: -9m- said:

    “show some bloody sportsmanship” It was your lack of sportsmanship that made taking the default win an appropriate solution. The way you all acted in the warmup to the game was terrible. By the time the rest of your team finally turned up we were all fed up with it.

    Then once the game had ended you got even more offensive. We seem to have different definitions of a “Funcup”.

  27. codcrille: Fresh. said:

    Seems a bit weird making the biggest troll of all admin but hey.

  28. Grem: rEJ - TG said:

    K, moving this away from another flame war, the scout 2v2 cup is now about caps/winning the map rather than dm? Not sure how that’s gonna play out. So in say ctf maps the first team to get 3 caps wins?

  29. Newbie said:

    Congrats to Mr C++ :D

    Bonne Chance Mr Plus =]

  30. Tsu: RaWr :: said:

    gl Mr Propre and the other new admins.

  31. Advance: DF said:

    “Round 1 Maps: 1. cp_granary 2. cp_well 3. cp_badlands
    Round 2 Maps: 1. ctf_turbine 2. cp_fastlane 3. ctf_mach4”
    I didnt understand to the end, if we have already played 1st round (it was before the scout update), then in the 2nd we will have to play turbine and fast?

  32. Grem: rEJ - TG said:

    Yea Advance, that’s the plan.