Entries from February 2009

Instagib cup back on track – 4th cup winners

Date February 26, 2009

Instagib cup back An updated version of the instagib plugin for TF2 is available. With version 1.1.4 you can run instagib again on your Windows or Linux server. Please update your servers. The plugin can be downloaded from here:  [Link] With this delay, we have to alter our instagib schedule a bit, and move everything […]

Scout Upate – Future of scout 2on2 and Instagib cups – Bball Cup, R2: Default Dates

Date February 26, 2009

Scout Update After checking the changes and new features which came with the Scout update we have the following changes in our running competitions: Season 4: All Scout unlocks are allowed for Week 8 and further matches. If both teams agree, the unlocks can also be used in previous league weeks. Instagib 4on4 CTF Cup: […]

week 6 + highlander + scout 2on2 cup default dates – Instagib problems: looking for windows server owners

Date February 24, 2009

Default dates Today it is time to hand out default dates for week 6 of the league, and the first round of both the scout 2on2 and highlander cups. These are a lot of default dates. Please try to schedule your game and enter it in the calendar in the future. You have plenty of […]

4th cup finals – Dignitas vs TCM

Date February 22, 2009

4th Cup finals The 4th cup started last november with 128 teams. We’ve seen a lot of good matches, and a few steamrolls aswell. That is all in the past. There is only 1 match that matters now: the finals. Team Dignitas, winner of the first and second ETF2L cup will be trying to claim […]

Highlander + Scout 2on2 Cup started – Instagib + bball cup round 2 – TF2 Update – Week 5: Default Dates

Date February 17, 2009

Highlander & Scout 2on2 Cup started Gladly we managed to fill both doubled cup slot limits: An amazing number of 128 teams have signed for the Scout 2on2 Cup; 64 teams signed for our 2nd Highlander Cup! All Round 1 Fixtures have been published, links are mentioned below. For the Highlander Cup we also made […]