Entries from January 2009

Basketball + Instagib: Sign Up Status – Highlander + Scout 2on2: Sign Up Dates

Date January 29, 2009

Basketball 2on2 Cup + Instagib CTF 4on4 Cup: Sign Up Status The Sign Up Phase for the two most requested Fun Cups are almost over. Teams who haven’t signed up yet still got time till this Sunday, 23:59 CET to grab a spot. We will inform you at this post about the current Sign Up […]

4th cup Semi finals – Season 4: week 2 default dates – Upcoming coverage

Date January 26, 2009

4th cup semi finals It’s time for the semi finals already. 4 teams are left to fight for the title. Fixtures have been drawn yesterday, and that came up with the following fixtures: Nervous.tf2 vs Team Coolermaster  – [Link] 4 Kings vs Team Druidz  – [Link] As these are all excellent teams, i’m sure we’ll […]

Basketball + Instagib Fun Cup: Sign Ups open – Season 4, Week 2: Default Dates

Date January 25, 2009

Tonight we will open the Sign-Ups for our next two fun cups – the big requested Basketball 2on2 Cup and the top voted option in our fun cup poll, the Instagib CTF 4on4 Cup. It’s time to get all basketball and one-hit fans together; build a team and sign up! All important details are listed […]

Tonight’s match coverage – Season 4: Week 1 default dates – UKeSA

Date January 19, 2009

Tonights match coverage Tonight as 21:30, we have a big match coming up for you. It’s the 4th cup game of Crack Clan vs  4 Kings. Maps for this match will be cp_badlands, cp_well and as possible decider cp_freight_b3. As both teams belong to the very top of the ETF2L, this will be an exciting […]

Season 4: Division 1 spot playoffs – admin search

Date January 17, 2009

Division 1 playoff Sadly, the division 1 team Komacrew ceased to exist before the season could start. There has been a lot of controversy about who will replace them. Therefore we have decided to do a small cup this sunday between 4 of the strongest division 2 teams to decide who will take the spot. […]