Demoman limit + Season start

Date August 25, 2008

The classlimit on demomen has been subject to a lot of debate in the community. At most issues, finding the right answer was relatively easy, almost everyone agreed to the same. But not with the demolimit. The community has been very divided around this single issue.

However, decisions have to be made. We have thought long and hard about this. We took into account the results of the latest poll on the subject (found here).

After hours of discussion, lots of coffee and tired faces, it’s time to end this discussion.

We have decided for a Demolimit of 1, effective immediately for the ETF2L 3rd season and all future competitions. Our running competitions, the Nations cup and the 3rd cup will not be affected by this, they will be played out with a demolimit of 2.

Season start

Also, today is the start of the first matchweek of the 3rd season. Please schedule your matches as soon as possible. Normal procedure is that you have the time to schedule your match untill the wednesday of the matchweek. If you cannot reach your opponent, please post a challenge request on the match page.  You can find the match page by going to either the fixtures page or your team profile and selecting the appropriate match.

Don’t forget to tick the “Challenge” box and put 1 or more suggested dates in your comment if you want to reach your opponent. We’ll try to keep those unanswered request in mind when deciding on default dates.

If you have any more questions about the scheduling/results entering, you should take a look at our FAQ, found here

Heavy Update

As of season 3, all available heavy unlocks are allowed to be used in the ETF2L.


  1. Falling Away said:

    woot ^_^

  2. CHewY said:

    sweet :o)

  3. skinnie: TCM said:


  4. Netsky: [HA] said:

    ok fine :)

    but what about the heavy “upgrades” ?

  5. Dr.Frog: -HH- said:


  6. DeNeusbeer: (Legend) - HoT<3 said:

    Added a little line about the heavy update.

  7. F2: Vintage said:

    Great :)

  8. aeqvist said:


    Can’t wait to begin the season! :) Good Luck to ya all!

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  10. Kaimi: amg said:

    dl1 :-( damned… worst news from etf2l ever

  11. Nitlock: Insanity said:

    so what about the Kritzkrieg ?

  12. Ino: dp. - dp. said:

    n1! DL1 was the way to go!

  13. MaceWindu said:

    Great news the demo-limit of 1.
    I really like it

  14. mvp.: marco - ¤_¤ said:

    erm.. dl1 for nations cup playoffs please? :/

  15. ScArY_ said:

    DL1 YESSS !!!!!

  16. san-: h. said:

    Not that I care about dl1, but allowing kritzk and not 2 demos is a laugh.

  17. sherpa said:

    Excellent news, 6v6 will be enjoyable again with only 1 demo per team.

  18. Moose: [MIPC] - #10 said:

    DL 1, finally! Thanks Wlv for initiating the vote.

  19. Dr Justice: ≧◡≦ said:

    Is it just me who thinks that the map choice deadline should have been extended while the DL1 saga was resolved? I’m sure if people knew DL was going to be 1 they might have made some a different map choices. People seem to have got so caught up in the DL1 saga no thought was given to anything else.

  20. mari4ek said:

    absolutely agree with Dr Justice: [T.T]!

  21. Falling Away said:

    Maybe you shouldn’t balance tactics around a single setup and instead be a bit adaptive?

  22. EpsyLon: Gallia said:

    Sometimes admins can do the good choice…

  23. Wlv: RaWr :: said:

    Kritzkrieg is under discussion, so far it is allowed, only played against it once, vs Germany last night, lets just say it epic failed, very easy to counter and to use one yourself timing has to be perfect, however we will just have to see how balanced it is.

  24. Arnold: DAKKA said:


  25. waebi: ‹Con› said:

    Normal vs Normal: The one to hit first will most likely fail.
    Normal vs KK: They have it first, but when you see the rocket coming, just hit yours and mow them down.
    KK vs Normal: If you cant surprise them with a crit (and the medic dies), you WILL FAIL EPICLY.
    KK vs KK = massacre. Whoever is first will rape the other with crits :D

    that’s about what I encountered while using it in pugs and a few pcws.

  26. eviLhuNteR said:

    good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Onlinegamer - Team Fortress 2 på svenska » Blog Archive » Idag startar säsong 3 av ETF2L said:

    […] meddelar ETF2L att man beslutat sig för att införa Demoman limit 1 i alla officiella ligor/cuper/turneringar […]

  28. chouonrow: is Addicted said:

    bad news….. :(

  29. Tupi: Troopers said:

    i don’t like this highlander season 3 :(

  30. sajh: [j]\\\' - [j]' said:

    as for the kritzkrieg discussion, watching 4K crit their way through interrobang was a snooze fest. Seeing a demo spam crit-stickies is far from amusing to watch, and to me it seemed that it removed way too much of the skill needed to take out an enemy team.

    Ranting aside, I dont know how much experience interrobang has in playing vs kritzkrieg-teams.. but the game yesterday was just awfully boring to spec :) I am yet to play vs one of those teams myself.

  31. Ino: dp. - dp. said:

    is there a demo of the match you’re talking about? i’d like to see that

  32. tommi: LAITON said:

    Like Moose said himself, they had no experience playing against kritzkrieg and 4K surprised them by using it and hence they had no clue how to counter it. It is possible to counter the kk though. For example, if you know the enemy is using it there’s no use rushing to the middle and get wiped while waiting for uber. You can take your sweet time and build up the charge, then uber in to the middle and quickly take down the defenseless medic.

  33. TF2 Sverige » Arkiv » Demoman limit 1 i ETF2L said:

    […] Idag börjar European Team Fortress 2 League – Säsong 3 och idag bestämdes det att införa Demoman limit 1. […]