Kritzkrieg allowed in upcoming competitions

Date July 31, 2008

After Valve’s last patch finally made the Kritzkrieg working on servers without crits, we decided to enable the weapon for all upcoming ETF2L tournaments. For a fair competition Kritzkrieg stays disabled for all 3rd Cup and Nations’ Cup Group Phase matches.

Rule change:

1.3.1 Medic Unlocks: Übersaw + Blutsauger allowed; Kritzkrieg disabled for 3rd Cup + Nations’ Cup Group Phase

It’s allowed to use Übersaw and Blutsauger. Using the Kritzkrieg is allowed in Season 3, Nations’ Cup Playoff Phase and all upcoming competitions. Kritzkrieg stays disabled at 3rd Cup + Nations’ Cup Group Phase.


  1. Osten: n-wave` said:

    Enter the critzieg.

  2. Osten: n-wave` said:

    critzkrieg, whatever :D

  3. AnAkIn_ said:

    No, KritzKrieg :)

  4. caliban: fail said:

    :) yay

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