3rd Cup Quarter Finals, Nations’ Cup Group Phase Schedule, Fun Cups Round 3 Game Deadline, New Rules Page

Date July 29, 2008

3rd Cup – Quarter Finals

Beside everybody waiting for our Season 3 Sign-Ups which will start this Sunday (more information coming up soon), our running Cup is on its final stages. The Quarter Finals have been drawn yesterday on our IRC channel. Good Luck to all teams reaching the Semi-Finals.


  • UK Dead Cows Strike Back vs. Germany TFPortal.de
  • Finland Interrobang vs. Sweden Excello
  • Swegian klan:fader vs. European Zero Tolerance
  • European eL Diablo’s Brigade vs. Winner of Round 4 Match European 4 Kings vs. European Weapons of the Rebelion

Dates & Details

  • Map Order: 1. cp_well 2. cp_gravelpit 3. ctf_2fort 4. cp_badlands 5. cp_dustbowl
  • Schedule Deadline: Sunday, 3rd August, 23:59 CET
  • Game Deadline: Sunday, 10th August, 23:59 CET

Nations’ Cup Group Phase Schedule

Our first Nations’ Cup is running smooth; still many matches ain’t scheduled/entered in our Calendar. We want to remember all team leaders the Schedule Deadline is the 6th August, all matches which aren’t scheduled by then will get a Default Date. Especially teams who haven’t scheduled any matches yet should start contacting their opponents if they don’t want to get removed from the Cup.

Fun Cups – Round 3 Game Deadline

As some Round 3 matches are still missing we decided to set a Game Deadline for Sunday, 3rd August. All affected team leaders have been mailed. Please play your matches soon or post a status on your Match Report Page.

Unplayed Round 3 Matches:

  • Soldier 1on1 – pEx vs. Coinz
  • Basketball 2on2 – reudiger Ralle und sahniger Sani vs. hazan joukkue
  • Basketball 2on2 – Racoon.Bball vs. Dashing along them streets
  • Basketball 2on2 – Tears oft he Dream Queen vs. Ur Mums Athletic
  • Basketball 2on2 – Blood Pressure bBall vs. Massive Meat

New Rules Page

We had a general rewrite of our Rules-Page, please check it out [Link]. Separate subjects will get linked in the next days. Season 3 Rules will be published there later this week aswell.

We also worked on a new Events-Page where all announced League Dates are listed. [Link]

Kritzkreig – Banned

A recent TF2 update has enabled the Kritzkreig to enable firing critical shots when the server is set to crits disabled. We would just like to confirm that due to this change the Kritzkreig will now be banned from all current competitions until further notice.


  1. ToasTeh said:

    I want the STV ip for the pEx Coinz game – should be an awesome game! Too close to call

  2. tommi: LAITON said:

    Nice, we got the easy opponent!