Four Kings Starting Cup Champion & 2nd Cup Sign-Ups open!

Date February 20, 2008

After a more or less thrilling Starting Cup Final, Four Kings managed to win their second ETF2L Title during three days after winning over Team CoolerMaster (granary 9:1, well 3:0). Congratulations to you again guys!

2nd Cup Sign-Ups are now open! Here are all important details to it:

Gamemode – 6on6, Mediclimit 1, Playerlimit 2, Crits off, Best of 3 (maps by Elimination Mode), Fixtures by Seedings

Mappool – cp_dustbowl, cp_well, cp_granary, cp_gravelpit, cp_badlands, ctf_2fort, ctf_turbine

Timeline – 1st + 2nd Round = ~10 days, after that 1 Round = 1 Week

Slots – 32 (Double Elimination) or 64 (Single Elimination – if we reach them)


27.02., 23:59 CET – Sign-Ups close

02.03.-13.03. – Round 1

14.03.-24.03. – Round 2


How do I sign up my team?

1. As team leader you will have to create an account on our site here.

2. After you are logged in, you can easily register your team at the Dashboard. Here is an example for a fill-in-form.

3. When you signed up your team on our page, you can easily join the 2nd cup here.

4. If you signed up correctly your team will be shown at the Cup-Participants-Page.


  1. Miksu: Troopers said:

    Any demos available from the starting cup finals?

  2. ETF2L med ny cup och egen domän | Onlinegamer - Team Fortress 2 på svenska said:

    […] har i dagarna öppnat registreringarna till deras andra cup (med det fyndiga namnet ETF2L 2nd Cup). Det finns plats för 64 klaner och i skrivande stund har 38 anmält sig. Dock bara 2 […]

  3. dAyKiLLeR: (Legend) - farm! - it's a farm said:

    @Miksu: There should be a VoD about the Final soon @ quadv Website.