Mappool Votes

Date December 8, 2007

The next two votes are over, sniperlimit will be 2 like the limit for every other class (except medic) and friendly fire will be off. Outcome match rules: TFTrue used, Crits off, Mediclimit 1, Classlimit2.

Today we got new votes about possible maps in the mappool (beside gravel, granary, well, dustbowl & 2fort). There is a little game guide with download link for ctf_turbine @ this page, and a download page with comment discussion about cp_science_b3 here, and for cp_warpath here. If you think there shouldn’t be played any custom maps in the 1st Season just vote against adding any map. Mappool votes will end on Tuesday, 17:00CET.

Beside that I am sorry to tell we can’t upload the new rules page and the server.cfg today as the site owner only got internet on weekdays at the moment. They will be published on Monday as well as the dustbowl & gravelpit vote, which had to be postponed again, as we are still thinking about some different possibilities.

Still there are 5 fixtures of the ETF2L Starting Cup 1st Round missing in the calendar. Please be sure to add them till coming Wednesday, if you have problems doing it or contacting your opponent, contact us.

Sign-Up Deadline will end coming Wednesday, on the 12.12. If your team wants to play in the ETF2L and have some competitive fun on their skill level, sign up very soon.

Now have fun voting:

Should we add cp_warpath to the mappool for the 1st Season?

Total Voters: 122

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Should we add ctf_turbine to the mappool for the 1st Season?

Total Voters: 127

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Should we add cp_science_b3 to the mappool for the 1st Season?

Total Voters: 124

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Should we add tc_hydro to the mappool for the 1st Season?

Total Voters: 141

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  1. oma said:


  2. Moose: [MIPC] - #10 said:

    I don’t often agree with oma but cp_science for great justice! I guess turbine is ok as well.

  3. oma said:

    Can i ask, How many who voted NO has actually tested these maps?