Demoman  Low Skill, 6on6

Sweden Monkey Punch

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demo sub
need you to be able to attend maptalks here and there
no toxic
be able to play at least once or twice a week

at least low exp pls :3

contact rakefire on either steam or discord

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  1. Josh: chao chao said:

    josh b team

  2. Rakefire: Punch! - king said:

    nah we dont stay in open for 36 seasons

  3. Pizzi said:

    is this pochers from top 10 plays of the month?

  4. Rakefire: Punch! - king said:

    is this pizzi from gamemode 1

  5. Rakefire: Punch! - king said:


  6. Rakefire: Punch! - king said:


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