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Week 1

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5 - 0

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5 - 1

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France north korean space program vs Seychelles название
6 - 0

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north korean space program (6) .Cyb, veach, Battos, Saya, Intronium, CazaroC
название (6) dennis, Sanek scot, s1eben, shock, YoOko, Siniver


  1. Default Date said:

    A default date has been set for this match by ETF2L.
    The default date is: Thursday, 26 January 2017, 20:30
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.
    If the default date does not suit you, please contact your opponent and ask them to reschedule.

  2. veach: lesquen - pd! said:

    can provide server. asking if everyone is ok with the date for now

  3. .Cyb: lesquen - pd! said:

    17:49 – Faded mba.: we have an oficial today
    17:49 – veach: i know
    17:49 – Faded mba.: at 20 gmt right?

  4. .Cyb: lesquen - pd! said:

    we are playing tonight can you change the date admin please

  5. mba god's hand: st said:

    veach: we agreed on 20:30?
    Faded mba.: if u will accepr our player
    Faded mba.: he is not verifed yet
    Faded mba.: accept*
    veach: so basically a merc
    Faded mba.:
    veach: no sry
    veach: could you edit the etf2l date for tonight tho
    veach: hello?
    Faded mba.: ask my teammates
    veach: they’re not answering
    Faded mba.: asking
    Faded mba.: we cant play today without our demo
    Faded mba.: so
    Faded mba.: we’ll play tomorrow
    Faded mba.: at def date
    veach: no
    veach: cant
    veach: get another merc
    veach: we agreed for tonight as a date
    Faded mba.: not yet
    veach: you both agreed on it
    Faded mba.: i agree if you will approve our merc
    Faded mba.: i dunno
    Faded mba.: def date – 26 jan 20:30
    veach: you both confirmed that we could play tonight
    veach: neither of us can play tomorrow
    Faded mba.: i said, that i will confirm it
    Faded mba.: if u’ll approve our merc
    veach is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
    Faded mba.: no – playing tomorrow at def date

  6. .Cyb: lesquen - pd! said:

    we accept after you accept the proposal for 25/1/2017 20:30

  7. mba god's hand: st said:

    Faded mba.: if u didnt approve our merc
    veach: .Cyb: lesquen said:
    Today, 18:23

    we accept after you accept the proposal for 25/1/2017 20:30
    Faded mba.: approved

  8. .Cyb: lesquen - pd! said:

    I say we accept I didn’t say as a merc sorry

  9. .Cyb: lesquen - pd! said:

    Joking ofc

  10. Intronium: 93 said:

    hey what’s going on here

  11. veach: lesquen - pd! said:

    knock knock?

  12. .Cyb: lesquen - pd! said:

    who is here ?

  13. veach: lesquen - pd! said:

    its me u dumbass

  14. .Cyb: lesquen - pd! said:


  15. veach: lesquen - pd! said:

    hi (sry for bot london)

  16. veach: lesquen - pd! said:

    18:53 – veach: we might need a merc
    18:53 – veach: would this be ok
    18:53 – veach:
    18:55 – Faded mba.: he is ok

  17. veach: lesquen - pd! said:

    fucked up on snakewater, i put 6-1 instead of 5-1 (see screenshot)

  18. .Cyb: lesquen - pd! said:

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