King of the Hill 4on4 Cup powered by n1ping

Round 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by GangsterAlgot (Gurka*)



4 - 1

[Screenshots: A ]

Sweden Gurka* vs International inab1ckle~ esports
1 - 0


SteamID Screenshots: A


inab1ckle~ esports (4) Sherb1Mo, Cyanide, Edd, Voiz
Gurka* (4) GangsterAlgot, Naycon, sOze, Yllegarn


  1. n0va: T2P said:

    Hi, when can you play? I believe a good date might be sunday 17th at 8 CET. I will have to check with my team first

  2. Naycon: Gurka* - Gurka* said:

    I’m sorry, but we have a regular 6v6 match by that time on Sunday (I assume you ment the 18th and not the 17th). I need to check with my team mates about possible dates, but lets keep in touch.

  3. GangsterAlgot said:

    Fuck his team mates they’re all a bunch of fags anyways. Although he was right about us having a game at 20.15 on Sunday so I don’t think we can play any earlier than 21.30. So, 21.30 or later on sunday, or another date perhaps?

  4. GangsterAlgot said:

    and screw my team for not being able to spell correctly. Team mates… finger memory sucks. Thats all I have to say, and yes, etf2l should have some protection keeping drunk people like me from posting.

  5. n0va: T2P said:

    Spoken to Gurka, match arranged at 10 CET, sunday 18th. Their server.

  6. sOze: Gurka* - Gurka* said:

    connect; password pen0r

  7. Cyanide said:

    Ehm so what’s happening? n0va has pissed off somewhere, one’s in a PCW and the other is playing HoN like a fag :/ is the match even on tonight? :o

  8. Cyanide said:

    O wait, fail lulz -.-

  9. GangsterAlgot said:


  10. n0va: T2P said:

    Ah love cyanide’s constant raging on vent made me laugh

  11. Cyanide said:


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