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Action Team By Date
Left Lowpen eSports [Highlander] Hipz
Left Domination [6on6] Hipz
Joined Domination [6on6] MayDay
Left brocode [6on6] Hipz
Joined brocode [6on6] Hipz
Left Mister [6on6] Buffalo Bill
Joined Mister [6on6] Hipz
Left Extension [6on6] Hipz
Joined Extension [6on6] Hipz
Left extension [6on6] Hipz
Joined extension [6on6] Hipz
Left aviS [6on6] Hipz
Joined aviS [6on6] Hipz
Left Green Elephants. [6on6] Hipz
Joined Lowpen eSports [Highlander] Hipz
Joined Green Elephants. [6on6] ozverin.
Left Green Elephants. [6on6] Warden
Joined Green Elephants. [6on6] Warden
Left Immortal Sons [6on6] cf
Left MTF.Gaming [Highlander] Netsky
Joined MTF.Gaming [Highlander] Netsky
Joined Immortal Sons [6on6] cf
Left Impulse ! [6on6] Raiden
Joined Impulse ! [6on6] Raiden
Left Relic [6on6] Hipz
Joined Relic [6on6] Hipz
Left Lost in the sky (12109) [6on6] gears
Joined Lost in the sky (12109) [6on6] Sonnenschein
Left Deux bords [6on6] Hipz
Joined Deux bords [6on6] kiwii-
Left Enraged! Team [6on6] Hipz
Joined Enraged! Team [6on6] Hipz
Left Enraged! Team [6on6] Hipz
Joined Enraged! Team [6on6] Hipz
Left tan team [6on6] Hipz
Joined tan team [6on6] Garry

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