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Action Team By Date
Left Chaos [Highlander] melody
Joined Chaos [Highlander] Manus9696
Left Espresso [Highlander] melody
Joined Lutuset [6on6] Salmon
Joined Espresso [Highlander] melody
Left Name of the team [Highlander] melody
Joined Name of the team [Highlander] antso the helper
Left Mad? [Highlander] melody
Left kek [Fun Team] melody
Joined kek [Fun Team] X-Wing
Joined Mad? [Highlander] Akwilon
Left LEGO [6on6] melody
Joined LEGO [6on6] Dr. Phil
Left coolclan [6on6] melody
Joined coolclan [6on6] Admirable
Left Jumpers Incorporated [6on6] melody
Left NUMBA1 [Highlander] melody
Joined Jumpers Incorporated [6on6] drexen
Joined NUMBA1 [Highlander] basH.
Left [6on6] Kaylus
Left NUMBA1 [Highlander] melody
Joined [6on6] Kaylus
Left Comrades [6on6] melody
Joined Comrades [6on6] m1k
Joined NUMBA1 [Highlander] basH.
Left NUMBA1 [Highlander] melody
Joined NUMBA1 [Highlander] basH.
Left Tourettes Chessclub [Highlander] melody
Joined Tourettes Chessclub [Highlander] Scissors
Left Unstoppable [6on6] maggot
Joined Unstoppable [6on6] melody
Left Unstoppable [6on6] melody
Left Unstoppable [Highlander] melody
Joined Unstoppable [6on6] LegioN
Left Aqeze [6on6] melody
Joined Unstoppable [Highlander] melody
Left We`ll pay u $100 if u`ll yield [Highlander] melody
Joined Aqeze [6on6] melody
Joined We`ll pay u $100 if u`ll yield [Highlander] Mayget
Left Second Side [Highlander] mastdaeff
Joined Second Side [Highlander] mastdaeff

Matches Played

This player played in 11 matches:
DateRoundTeam 1Team 2Result
Experimental Highlander One-Night-Cup #6 sponsored by High Bracket [Archives]
Final Strong Opinions Mad? 6 - 0
Semi-Final [é]quipe 2 Mad? 0 - 3
Quarter Final TRG-Gaming Mad? 0 - 3
Season 20 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Premiership Tier [Archives]
Week 1 (Premiership) LEGO Ze Knutsson Rollerbladers 0 - 6
Season 19 Division 4 Playoffs [Archives]
Semi-Final Gamsjaga eSports Jumpers Incorporated 6 - 0
Season 11 [Archives]
Week 1 (Division 4A) Fakel Team epx^ 0 - 6
Highlander Season 1 [Archives]
Week 4 (Division 3C) Unstoppable Ins Gesicht 6 - 0
Week 2 (Division 3C) Starlight Unstoppable 6 - 0
Week 3 (Division 3C) Fritzl's Dungeon Unstoppable 3 - 3
Week 1 (Division 3C) Aw and sexy Friends Unstoppable 0 - 6
Highlander Challenge Group Stage [Archives]
Week 3 (Group 140) Boot To The Head We`ll pay u $100 if u`ll yield 6 - 0