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Action Team By Date
Joined We Eat Snack [6on6] laiky
Left Karasuno [6on6] Sora
Joined Karasuno [6on6] Sora
Joined Wheelchair Wheelers [Highlander] portarto
Left Nine Monochrome [Highlander] Sora
Left Tourette 6scola Club [6on6] Sora
Joined Nine Monochrome [Highlander] Hoxtilicious
Joined Tourette 6scola Club [6on6] Godz Ares
Left dead [6on6] Sora
Joined dead [6on6] Sprasty
Left Tourette 6scola Club [6on6] Sora
Joined Tourette 6scola Club [6on6] Erupo89
Left Game of Throws [Highlander] Sora
Left Digital Slaughter [6on6] Sora
Joined Digital Slaughter [6on6] MoreBuckets!
Left ???? [6on6] Sora
Joined Game of Throws [Highlander] .strix
Joined ???? [6on6] gobiro
Left Bercow Boys [6on6] Donuskus
Joined Bercow Boys [6on6] Donuskus
Left EUWQIEFD [6on6] Donuskus
Joined EUWQIEFD [6on6] Donuskus
Left EUWQIEFD [6on6] Donuskus
Joined EUWQIEFD [6on6] Donuskus
Left Nordwind [6on6] Sora
Left Pisamerda [Fun Team] Sora
Joined Nordwind [6on6] matarazzi
Left Cyber Cafe [6on6] yoot
Joined Cyber Cafe [6on6] yoot
Left Fluidity eSports [6on6] Sora
Joined Pisamerda [Fun Team] gobiro
Joined Fluidity eSports [6on6] .strix
Left Pathetic Pubber Virgins [6on6] Sora
Joined Pathetic Pubber Virgins [6on6] An_Kangaroo
Left impakt [6on6] Sora
Joined impakt [6on6] .strix
Left House of Decay [Highlander] Sora
Left impakt [6on6] Sora
Joined impakt [6on6] .strix
Joined House of Decay [Highlander] ddf
Left ELEYND Divinely Razukan Hard CONTEA [Highlander] ddf
Joined ELEYND Divinely Razukan Hard CONTEA [Highlander] ddf
Left killer HONK! army [Highlander] Woona
Joined killer HONK! army [Highlander] Woona

Matches Played

This player played in 13 matches:
DateRoundTeam 1Team 2Result
Highlander Season 22: Low Playoffs
Semi-Finals 1nstantЕrection powered by 1nstantGYM Wheelchair Wheelers 6 - 0
Quarter Finals лилави цици самолет [Highlander] Wheelchair Wheelers 3 - 6
Season 37
Week 2 (Low) We Eat Snack Quality Control. 0 - 6
Week 1 (Low) We Eat Snack UbeR powered by 6 - 0
Highlander Season 22
Week 5 (Low B) Megbassza?! Wheelchair Wheelers 2 - 4
Week 4 (Low B) THACI/VUCIC 2021 Wheelchair Wheelers 0 - 6
Week 2 (Low B) Hold W [email protected] Wheelchair Wheelers 5 - 1
Week 1 (Low B) HungaryForBlood Wheelchair Wheelers 4 - 2
Season 36 [Archives]
Week 7 (Low) gang de' parchetto Tourette 6scola Club 6 - 0
Week 6 (Low) A Totally French Team Tourette 6scola Club 1 - 5
Season 32 [Archives]
Week 7 (Low) PivDiv Nordwind 0 - 6
Week 6 (Low) Nordwind Porg E-Sports 0 - 6
Highlander Season 16 Preseason Cup [Archives]
Round 1 (Open E) Massive Legends Here killer HONK! army 3 - 0

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