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Left n2o-gaming.TF2 [6on6] mosepose
Left n2o goes Highlander #2 [Highlander] mosepose
Joined n2o-gaming.TF2 [6on6] Bas1c
Joined n2o-gaming.TF2 KOTH [Fun Team] mosepose
Left Totalitarian Brigade [6on6] Bas1c
Joined n2o goes Highlander #2 [Highlander] Bas1c
Joined Totalitarian Brigade [6on6] Bas1c
Left Germany [National 6v6 Team] mvp.
Left it's a farm! [6on6] Bas1c
Joined it's a farm! [6on6] Bas1c
Left Team uber [6on6] Bas1c
Joined Germany [National 6v6 Team] Bas1c
Joined Team uber [6on6] Bas1c

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DateRoundTeam 1Team 2Result
ETF2L 4th Cup [Archives]
Round 3 n2o-gaming.TF2 Relic 0 - 2

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