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Left [6on6] arctic
Joined freakshow [Highlander]
Left Placeholder [Highlander]
Joined [6on6] arctic
Joined Placeholder [Highlander]
Left High and Mighty [6on6] arctic
Left Sex Squad [Highlander] b3hold
Joined Sex Squad [Highlander] b3hold
Joined High and Mighty [6on6] Red
Left crackers [6on6] arctic
Joined crackers [6on6] .Satan
Left nooba [1on1] arctic
Left Adventures of Eggy Bread [Fun Team] AustinN
Left Electric Mayhem [6on6] rakefire
Joined Electric Mayhem [6on6] rakefire
Joined nooba [1on1] arctic
Joined Adventures of Eggy Bread [Fun Team] AustinN
Left Wheelchair Wheelers [Highlander] Wade
Joined Wheelchair Wheelers [Highlander] portarto
Left New Dog Flow [6on6] tuom
Joined New Dog Flow [6on6] Raz

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