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Christmas Newbie Weekend Cup: Playoffs Tree

Round of 16 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
UnitedArabEmirates Jew Events6      
Russia thx god for frall on Playoffs0UnitedArabEmirates Jew Events0    
Israel Foreskings.Fresh Israel Foreskings.Fresh6    
   Israel Foreskings.Fresh0  
France Lopeeeeeeee6  France Lopeeeeeeee6  
Finland Nousu0France Lopeeeeeeee6    
European Shivering Maniacs6European Shivering Maniacs0    
Macedonia newbie0    France Lopeeeeeeee6
Russia Last To Spec6    Cyprus Murder 10
European ESA invite0Russia Last To Spec6    
France CurveFever.io0France La baguette au fromage0    
France La baguette au fromage6  Russia Last To Spec0  
CzechRepublic NABIHAM   Cyprus Murder 16  
 CzechRepublic NABIHAM3    
Cyprus Murder 16Cyprus Murder 16    
Turkey Harikalar Diyari3