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CzechRepublic aloha

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i would like to tryhard again after 3 seasons of relative chill.

Decent dm.
My game sense is decent only with team.

Idk i think i can handle this div.

Spastic on other classes

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  1. fernando said:

    hes got the skills

  2. Koling: sleep gang said:

    very hot dm player, can improve in general as well.

    trial him for sure


  3. Mike Rotch said:

    just pick that fag and hes gonna shoot shit

  4. the rocketeer that c said:

    seems good to me

  5. Rockz7ar: .SS. - NYS said:

    pajp gad

  6. ult1mate said:

    Insane DM

  7. Breez: .SS. - said:

  8. aloha: adk said:


  9. Scruff: Rakuzan - inv said:

    definitely able to handle high, and will do very well on a good team