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Week 2

Round commencing: -

Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by DelT (Galactic Pipes)



0 - 5

[Screenshots: A B ]



3 - 0

[Screenshots: A B C D ]

International Galactic Pipes vs European ESA invite
3 - 3

SteamID Screenshots: A B C


ESA invite (6) Dlauck, hype, Ztreak, +Rem, portarto, Wade
Galactic Pipes (6) Dippi, DelT, UberUnderPantz, joost, starlink, smoogle


  1. Default Date said:

    A default date has been set for this match by ETF2L.
    The default date is: Thursday, 04 October 2018, 20:00
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.
    If the default date does not suit you, please contact your opponent and ask them to reschedule.

  2. DelT: tr - CHIMPU18 said:

    Just to let admins know, on product, the server ended right after the 2nd round so we got another one and won the 3rd round. The screenshots should verify teh results anyways. GG to the opponenets!

  3. smoogle: AC - Sampler HL said:

    i wasn’t even able to hit q.q… gg anyway, gl for the season

  4. Dlauck: ESA invite - ESA invite said:

    Shame you have to get a sandbagging div2 sniper to not lose both maps

  5. smoogle: AC - Sampler HL said:

    “sandbagging div 2 sniper” lol stop complaining about me. as i already said i wasn’t even hitting that much, gl again for the season

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