There is no catch. Forget the stereotypes you might have about competitive play. It's not about your kill to death ratios or any of the classes being more important than the others: this is about you and your team working hard together to complete objectives.


We'll be playing a wide variety of maps, with a set selection of weapons allowed and there are only a few simple rules (like no crits and stopwatch mode) that you might not be familiar with.


This tournament is strictly for people who are new to competitive play or for those wanting to get into the league style of competitive TF2 or those currently in Open Division HL or 6v6 on ETF2L People of all nationalities and skill levels are welcome.


Don't just stand there! Get eight friends, pick your classes and sign up now! Glory awaits!

Potentially, yes. Potentially more!


The competitive community loves to spectate tournament games, and the competition will be covered by KritzKast. Not to mention written about on sites like , ETF2L & /r/tf2 & TeamFortress.TV So you better get practicing!

The days of two engineers, three spies and six snipers on your team are over. The Highlander Open invites you to play TF2 like you've never played it before: competitively.


Designed as a way for those new to competitive, those wanting to get into competitive TF2 with no prior experience in league style formats or those currently in Open Division HL or 6v6 on ETF2L.


You'll be playing head-to-head against other communities and groups. In front of hundreds of people. For shiny medals.

Yes! Thanks to Valve & nabique, everyone who takes part in this contest will win a medal.

A Highlander team is made up of nine players, each playing a different class. So, in other words, your team will be one scout, one soldier, one pyro, one demoman, one heavy, one engineer, one medic, one sniper and one spy.


Highlander is the ultimate RED vs BLU grudge match, bringing out the very best in the nine classes through teamwork, tactics and skill.


But it's not as simple as just signing up to get a participation medal.

You have to earn it by completing your matches.

Click here to sign up!

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