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Team History

Action Team By Date
Joined The MERCENARIES [Fun Team] hondjo
Left Pimmelberger [Fun Team] matzi
Joined deaf and blind [Highlander] AlesKee
Left SENSATION [Highlander] matzi
Joined Pimmelberger [Fun Team] matzi
Joined SENSATION [Highlander] Dave_the_Irate
Left flash mcqueen fan club [Highlander] matzi
Joined flash mcqueen fan club [Highlander] aernox
Left dead [Highlander] matzi
Joined dead [Highlander] cutwrist
Left Generic Anime [Highlander] Brian
Joined Generic Anime [Highlander] Brian
Left Highway to Prem [Highlander] matzi
Joined Highway to Prem [Highlander] AlesKee
Left Stratosphere HL [Highlander] Hurrdeer
Joined Stratosphere HL [Highlander] Hurrdeer
Left Team Birds [Highlander] violet
Joined Team Birds [Highlander] DeevoDwarf

Matches Played

This player played in 5 matches:
DateRoundTeam 1Team 2Result
Highlander Season 14: Premiership & High Tiers [Archives]
Week 1 (High B) Not Yet Specified Team Colonslash: Express 0 - 6
Highlander Season 13 [Archives]
Week 2 (Mid) dead the SPY!!!!1! 0 - 6
Week 2 (Mid) Keepo Pipe Squad 6 - 0
Highlander Season 10 powered by Tt eSPORTS [Archives]
Week 2 (Mid) Xenon Highway to Prem 5 - 1
Week 1 (Mid) TwisteD eSports Highway to Prem 4 - 2

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