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Left Electi a Deo [6on6] >
Joined Electi a Deo [6on6] Darkness
Left ATC Gaming [6on6] Darkness
Joined ATC Gaming [6on6] zygzaK.
Left Green Team [6on6] Darkness
Joined Green Team [6on6] eXpunge
Left YoY Team [6on6] Wigglez
Joined YoY Team [6on6] Darkness
Left The Betrayers [6on6] Kazik
Joined The Betrayers [6on6] Darkness
Left eXist eSports [6on6] TeX
Joined eXist eSports [6on6] Darkness
Left Jezdzcy Apokalipsy [6on6] Sindri Myr
Joined Jezdzcy Apokalipsy [6on6] Darkness
Left Rampage Team [6on6] Darkness
Joined Rampage Team [6on6] Darkness
Left Voodoo Gaming [6on6] Darkness
Joined Voodoo Gaming [6on6] Darkness
Left LagTastic Gaming [6on6] Darkness
Joined LagTastic Gaming [6on6] Darkness
Left Team Effects [6on6] shank
Left Team Aces [R.I.P.] [6on6] Cooler
Joined Team Effects [6on6] shank
Joined Team Aces [R.I.P.] [6on6] Darkness
Left Team Aces [R.I.P.] [6on6] Cooler
Joined Team Aces [R.I.P.] [6on6] Darkness
Left Team Aces [R.I.P.] [6on6] Cooler
Joined Team Aces [R.I.P.] [6on6] Darkness
Left Vicious Delicious [6on6] chodz
Joined Vicious Delicious [6on6] benleo

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DateRoundTeam 1Team 2Result
6v6 Ladder 2010 [Archives]
Sense Electi a Deo 0 - 2

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