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Action Team By Date
Left 2MPM)) [6on6] RAMA
Joined 2MPM)) [6on6] _sNb
Left candy sticks [6on6] Nishtjak
Joined candy sticks [6on6] Nishtjak
Left candy sticks [6on6] sef
Joined candy sticks [6on6] _sNb
Left Now Or Never [6on6] ღShelest
Joined Now Or Never [6on6] sef
Left Syria Team [National Highlander Team] sef
Joined Syria Team [National Highlander Team] sef
Left International Skilled Masters [6on6] sef
Joined International Skilled Masters [6on6] sef
Left Tryhard Team [6on6] sef
Joined Tryhard Team [6on6] sef
Left dropped [6on6] sef
Joined dropped [6on6] sef
Left Borsh [6on6] sef
Joined Borsh [6on6] sef
Left Black and White [6on6] sef
Joined Black and White [6on6] sef
Left see? [Inactive] [6on6] -_____-
Joined see? [Inactive] [6on6] sef
Left One More [6on6] sef
Joined One More [6on6] Frag
Left Forever in Chains [6on6] sef
Joined Forever in Chains [6on6] Frag
Left True loboQ team [6on6] Azy
Left Free Man\'s [Highlander] sef
Joined True loboQ team [6on6] sef
Left pro Line Sport [6on6] sef
Joined pro Line Sport [6on6] Frag
Left True loboQ team [6on6] sef
Joined True loboQ team [6on6] sef
Left True loboQ team [old] [6on6] sef
Joined True loboQ team [old] [6on6] sef
Left Not Neutral [6on6] bainés
Joined Not Neutral [6on6] bainés
Joined Free Man\'s [Highlander] flyman
Left Free Man\'s [Highlander] flyman
Joined Free Man\'s [Highlander] flyman

Matches Played

This player played in 12 matches:
DateRoundTeam 1Team 2Result
Blast from the Past One Night Cup - Medium Bracket - 2 [Archives]
Round 1 candy sticks Public Enemy 0 - 3
Season 9 [Archives]
Week 3 (Division 6i) see? [Inactive] Fresh Blood ! 1 - 4
Season 8 Powered by SteelSeries [Archives]
Week 6 (Division 6i) True loboQ team Turntable Crusaders 0 - 6
Week 4 (Division 6i) who is? True loboQ team 0 - 6
Week 2 (Division 6i) The Force A-Nature Cooperation True loboQ team 6 - 0
Week 1 (Division 6i) nervousENERGY Red True loboQ team 0 - 6
Highlander Ladder 2010 [Archives]
Free Man's .LV 0 - 2
Rock Team Hl Free Man's 2 - 0
Free Man's Second Side 0 - 2
DayohBanden Free Man's 1 - 2
Les Castors Lapons Free Man's 0 - 3
Free Man's KebabCharged 0 - 2

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